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FUELING CHAMPIONS | Stirring Up the Sports World with Innovative Nutrition Strategies That Empower Athletes and Break Barriers

FUELING CHAMPIONS Stirring Up the Sports World with Innovative Nutrition Strategies That Empower Athletes and Break Barriers Written by Jessica R. Emily Lepping & Sean Smith Emily Lepping’s transformation from a university nutritionist to a pioneering entrepreneur in the sports nutrition industry encapsulates a journey of passion, innovation, and relentless dedication to athlete wellness and performance. Initially uncertain about her path while studying nutrition at Western Kentucky University, Emily found her passion ignited unexpectedly when she was given the opportunity to lead a sports nutrition initiative by the campus dietitian. This role involved [...]

Mental Game | Unleashing the Power of Mind Over Matter in Sports

MENTAL GAME Written by Beth Rush #image_title Sports is a mental game as much as it is a physical one. While your training is critical, you need a motivated and healthy mindset before entering competitions. The struggles of being an athlete can be overbearing, but there are ways to overcome them. How do women in sports overcome these challenges and achieve their goals? They find motivation and do whatever it takes. Here’s what athletes say about mental health and staying on top of their game. How does mental health impact your game? The [...]

From The Salon to the Track | Celebrating Women’s Legacy in Kentucky’s Beauty Industry

  Written By: Di Tran The Prominence of Nail Salons in Kentucky The prominence of nail salons in Kentucky, predominantly owned by the Vietnamese and other Asian communities, is a reflection of a larger national trend. This trend began in the 1970s when actress Tippi Hedren introduced the art of manicures to a group of Vietnamese women in a refugee camp in California. This act of kindness sparked a passion for nail care among Vietnamese immigrants, leading to the establishment of nail salons across the United States. In Kentucky, these salons are not merely businesses [...]

How She Derby’s

PENNY CHENERY Paving the Way for Women in Horse Racing and Beyond It was May 5, 1973, a perfect Saturday—partly cloudy, 67 degrees.  A woman gazes onto a fast track. Her focus narrowed on a gorgeous chestnut trotting to the gate. Emotions are high as she watches the thirteen-horse field being loaded into the gate one by one. The 99th running of the Kentucky Derby was about to begin, and Penny Chenery was hungry for her second Kentucky Derby win with Secretariat. The gates open, the horses charge, and history is being made once again [...]

Begin Again Soulstice Retreat

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in the land of cork trees, storks, olives and oranges, otherwise known to us all as Portugal, Gret Batchelar, a yogic fairy godmother issued an enchanting invitation to yogis from far and wide to join with her to Begin Again.She was taking her Soulstice Yoga Studio on Tour and magic-ing up a yoga retreat, run by she and her Conscious Working fairies. Seduced by this intriguing proposition to a January re-set, quite a random yaggle of yogis( as I am unaware of the collective noun for a [...]

How a Love of Pilates and Fitness Lead to a New Career

By Susan Viers In 2020, after fifteen years as a stay-at-home mom, I was ready to return to the work force. Covid had hit, I had some changes in my personal life, and my children were getting older. As I contemplated my future, I first submitted my resume for a government relations position, which was similar to jobs I held previously. That didn’t feel right or fulfilling, and I kept searching. Covid changed all of us and I was looking for a career that felt different: I wanted to make a significant difference in the [...]

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