Ladies Who Launch: Angie Andriot | Vetiver Aromatics

Making Dollars Out of Scents: Angie Andriot’s interest in making perfume became the formula for launching a successful business. Written by Lennie Omalza | Photographed by Kylene White When Angie Andriot started making her own perfume at home more than 10 years ago, she never expected her hobby to turn into a full-fledged small business that offers services all around Kentuckiana and ships products across the country. “It really started with me experimenting with making my own perfume,” she explains. Eventually, Angie started selling some of her own creations. In the vibrant local shopping community of [...]

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Ladies Who Launch: Jasmine Douglas | Vier Beauty Lounge

Living the Glamorous Life: The former pharmacy tech switched careers and is happily booked and busy as a popular makeup artist. Written by Shirelle Williams | Photographed by Kylene White Jasmine Douglas worked as a pharmacy technician for over six years before becoming a makeup artist. The graduate of the pharmacy magnet program at Louisville Central High laughs and says “makeup was not in the cards at all.” But the beauty and makeup hobbyist still saved her money for the remote possibility that one day she would be able to make her passion a career. After [...]

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Ladies Who Launch: Brittany Boone’s ‘Noted’

Brittany Boone's 'Noted' is a style studio catering to women ages 25-65 who want to “enhance their personal image.” Keeping it Casual, Chic & Classy: Brittany Boone’s big business move is adding something new and special to the local fashion scene. Written by Megan M. Seckman | Photographed by Kylene White In 2018, Brittany Boone got an entrepreneurial itch she just couldn’t scratch. After relocating to Louisville from Henderson, selling a successful event planning business she started there, and settling into steady work at the University of Louisville, her nose continued to sniff [...]

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