Champions For Childcare – Cover Story

Mommy!” “Mommy!” “Mommy!” The tiny voices echoed throughout the small studio, followed by an assortment of anxious responses “no hitting,” “don’t touch that,” “stay on the carpet,” “let’s share.” MFive women, each dressed in polished business professional attire, gracefully navigate the organized chaos of a toddler photoshoot. As the camera’s shutter clicks in the background, the women skillfully balance their roles as both working professionals and loving mothers. With a collective sense of camaraderie, they share knowing glances and supportive smiles, forming a united front in the art of corralling their lively toddlers for the [...]

Mom Boss Chronicles: 5 Lessons for Thriving in Your Career in the Early Years

Andrea Ghooray It was 2:34 am, and the faint whimpering of my 11-week-old son pierced the silence—a one-minute warning that my measly three hours of sleep were done for the night.I knew it was exactly 2:34 am because I jotted down notes each night just to feel a little less crazy in the process. Bouncing, soothing, feeding would now consume me until my sweet child mercifully dozed off or until the sun came up, making it a little less frowned upon to down 12oz of coffee and trudge through these early newborn days. In those [...]

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Women Who Launch – WENDY NOVAK

In the pages of her new book, "Diabetes and Me: Living a Healthy and Empowered Life in the Face of Diabetes," Wendy L. Novak, a Louisville philanthropist, reveals her remarkable journey of resilience and inspiration as someone living with Type 1 diabetes. Her book, released on November 14, 2023, aims to demonstrate that despite the challenges, individuals with this diagnosis can pursue and achieve their aspirations. Profits from the book sales contribute to the Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute in Louisville, Kentucky. Novak, the driving force behind the Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute under Norton Healthcare and [...]

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She’s Making an Impact at 102 – Margaret Pederson

At the remarkable age of 102, Margaret Pederson stands as a leader and inspiration for kindness and unity, nurturing a movement that began five years ago and continues to resonate through Glenwood, Minnesota, and even within the local community of Louisville, where Margaret served as a speaker for the Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Center at the UofL Trager Institute. Initially sparked by a desire to counteract prevailing negativity in the country, Margaret's vision has evolved into an initiative embraced by both the young and old within the community, touching ages 3 to [...]


LADIES WHO LAUNCH Ayrica is a seasoned hospitality professional with a diverse background, boasting an impressive 10-year career that spans across various facets of the industry. Her experience encompasses hospitality sales, event management, and catering, where she has consistently excelled, leaving a trail of remarkable sales records and a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service in her wake. Throughout her career, Ayrica has played an integral role in the success of numerous events, showcasing her versatility in handling a wide array of markets. Her expertise extends to social gatherings, corporate functions, sports events, [...]

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Ladies Who Launch: VaShaun Mosby | A Pathway Out of Poverty? Now There’s an App for That

Chanel Nicole Photography While on public assistance twenty years ago, VaShaun Mosby vowed to improve her circumstances and help others do the same. Her new app will do both. Written by Rocko Jerome VaShaun Mosby is a woman who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. A Lexington native who overcame a young adulthood spent on public assistance to become a successful technology business owner and “serial entrepreneur,” she is a determined, focused dreamer who saw hard work as her way out. “I make no qualms about it: I was a good girl gone [...]

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