Derby 150 Shop Local & Woman Owned Guide

  WINE & DINE   Black Jockeys Lounge Downtown 630 @ Fourth Stree, Louisville, KY (502) 587-0526 In the heart of a world paused by the pandemic, a unique venture was born, one that would transcend the temporary stillness to celebrate a rich and often overlooked heritage. The founding of the Black Jockeys Lounge is a story of inspiration, partnership, and transformation. Amidst the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, Tawana Bain found an opportunity to collaborate with PPATH (Project to Protect African American Turf History), a move that would set the stage for something extraordinary. [...]

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Beyond the Crown | 2024 Kentucky Derby Princesses

Written By: Tiffany Felts | Photos By: Jolea Brown In the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, amidst the excitement of the Derby Festival, lies a tradition that transcends mere pageantry. The 2024 Kentucky Derby Festival Royal Court is more than just symbols of elegance and grace, these young women embody the essence of civic leadership, academic excellence, and community service. Rooted in a legacy spanning over six decades, the Princess Program has been a cornerstone of the Derby Festival since its inception. Established in 1957, just two years after the Festival's inception, the program has evolved [...]

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From The Salon to the Track | Celebrating Women’s Legacy in Kentucky’s Beauty Industry

  Written By: Di Tran The Prominence of Nail Salons in Kentucky The prominence of nail salons in Kentucky, predominantly owned by the Vietnamese and other Asian communities, is a reflection of a larger national trend. This trend began in the 1970s when actress Tippi Hedren introduced the art of manicures to a group of Vietnamese women in a refugee camp in California. This act of kindness sparked a passion for nail care among Vietnamese immigrants, leading to the establishment of nail salons across the United States. In Kentucky, these salons are not merely businesses [...]

How She Derby’s

PENNY CHENERY Paving the Way for Women in Horse Racing and Beyond It was May 5, 1973, a perfect Saturday—partly cloudy, 67 degrees.  A woman gazes onto a fast track. Her focus narrowed on a gorgeous chestnut trotting to the gate. Emotions are high as she watches the thirteen-horse field being loaded into the gate one by one. The 99th running of the Kentucky Derby was about to begin, and Penny Chenery was hungry for her second Kentucky Derby win with Secretariat. The gates open, the horses charge, and history is being made once again [...]

Begin Again Soulstice Retreat

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in the land of cork trees, storks, olives and oranges, otherwise known to us all as Portugal, Gret Batchelar, a yogic fairy godmother issued an enchanting invitation to yogis from far and wide to join with her to Begin Again.She was taking her Soulstice Yoga Studio on Tour and magic-ing up a yoga retreat, run by she and her Conscious Working fairies. Seduced by this intriguing proposition to a January re-set, quite a random yaggle of yogis( as I am unaware of the collective noun for a [...]

GRAMMY® Award Winning Louisville Orchestra

In a resounding crescendo of triumph, the Louisville Orchestra has made history by clinching its first-ever Grammy Award. Under the baton of Music Director Teddy Abrams, the orchestra secured the prestigious accolade for “Best Classical Instrumental Solo” at the 2024 GRAMMYs, marking a monumental milestone in its illustrious journey. The winning masterpiece? The groundbreaking collaboration with world-renowned pianist Yuja Wang on her album “The American Project.” Crafted with visionary brilliance and artistic ingenuity, “The American Project” stands as a testament to the Louisville Orchestra’s unwavering commitment to musical innovation and excellence. This ambitious album, released [...]

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