YewDell Gardens | 2024 Theodore Klein Awards & Recommendation

YEW DELL GARDENS Plant picks for your home and garden, recommended by the top plant experts in the region Written By: Dr. Paul Cappeillo Photos by Yew Dell Gardens Photo by Yew Dell Gardens For the home gardener, choosing the best plants can be a bit overwhelming. Each year, nurseries, universities, and marketing companies introduce hundreds of new plant selections, all touted as the best. Don’t forget social media is now a hub of conflicting information on what’s ideal for our region’s environment. Where does the home gardener turn to cut through all [...]

Brad & Angelina’s Historic New Orleans Estate Heads to Auction

  Brad Angelina's Historic New Orleans Estate Heads to Auction Written By: Madison Dosette Photo Credit: Interluxe Auctions Even with the separation of Hollywood's once-celebrated couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the forthcoming auction of their cherished property, steeped in philanthropic significance, transcends typical tabloid drama. This noteworthy estate, now on auction with an initial bid of $1 million, has even piqued the interest of some Louisville women, joining their list of properties to watch. Acquired by the duo in 2006, it served as the cornerstone for their Make it Right Foundation post-Hurricane Katrina. The [...]

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She’s Making an Impact at 102 – Margaret Pederson

At the remarkable age of 102, Margaret Pederson stands as a leader and inspiration for kindness and unity, nurturing a movement that began five years ago and continues to resonate through Glenwood, Minnesota, and even within the local community of Louisville, where Margaret served as a speaker for the Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Center at the UofL Trager Institute. Initially sparked by a desire to counteract prevailing negativity in the country, Margaret's vision has evolved into an initiative embraced by both the young and old within the community, touching ages 3 to [...]

Tawana Takes on the Outdoors

    TAWANA TAKES ON THE OUTDOORS Photography Credit: Chip Bromfield/Rising Cross Ranch, LLC. In the heart of Colorado, nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains, lies a family’s cherished property. This picturesque landscape served as the backdrop for an extraordinary event that brought together a diverse group of individuals dedicated to preserving the Western tradition, the environment, and the love of horses. Tawana Bain, the gracious host of this gathering, embarked on a journey that not only rekindled her connection with the outdoors but also created a deep sense of [...]

Red Alert

Advice from Heart Disease Survivors Stories by Carrie Vittitoe | Photos by Kylene White | Styling by Christine Fellingham Sponsored by U of L Health In movies, it is easy to see the Red Alert moment: sirens blare loudly, and red lights flash on and off. The ominous background music clues the viewer in that a dangerous attack is imminent to the characters on the screen. Heart disease isn’t like a film, though; it presents differently in women. For some women, their cardiac event was preceded by a slow decline that happened over years; other [...]

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