We See You, Sis: Kelly Kolar

She Designs with Passion & Purpose By Riece Drew | Photo by Adam Henry, Alias Imaging, courtesy of Kolar Design Sponsored by: Kolar Designs | 807 Broadway, Cincinnati, OH 45202 | Phone: (513) 241-4884 | Website: KolarDesign.net “If you look at the lotus, not only does it come from challenging conditions of mud and rock, but it has to break through just to get to the surface to see the sun,” says Kelly Kolar. “And then it opens and closes every day, recreating itself. Like a lotus flower, I want to be an open source [...]

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We See You, Sis: Ashley Tuggle

From Struggle to Success: An interest in fitness and nutrition helped this single mom overcome a devastating loss and revamp her life. Written by Taylor Riley | Photo by 2Much Visuals There’s a saying that “adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” For Ashley Tuggle, this couldn’t be truer. A string of unhealthy relationships, dead-end jobs and an ongoing battle to raise three kids by herself, led the DMV- (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area native to relocate to Louisville 12 years ago. The decision to restart her life in Derby City appeared to be the right one [...]

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We See You, Sis: Shantil Newton

The Ultimate Goal-Getter: A five-year plan and savvy real estate investments was all Shantil Newton needed to attain financial freedom. Written by Diane R. Paylor | Photo by Kylene White Shantil Newton had aspirations of becoming a multi-millionaire and retiring by her 30th birthday. Though she didn’t know how she would make it happen, she held tight to her dream believing that she would find a way. After earning a Master’s degree at the age of 22, she landed a full-time job with an annual salary of $50,000 per year. Like any newly employed young [...]

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We See You, Sis: Molly Jones

Fulfilling a Legacy of Hope: After losing her son to suicide six years ago, Molly Jones founded a nonprofit and a music festival to help raise awareness about mental health. Written by Lennie Omalza| Photo by Mary Helen Nunn “I want to help mankind.” That was the final line on the note that Pete Jones left for his family when he ended his life in 2016. Since then, his mother and siblings have been doing all they can to fulfill his wish. “He was such a great guy,” Molly Jones says of her son Pete, [...]

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We See You, Sis: Angela Burton

Igniting the Writer's Fire: Angela Burton’s writing program for seniors is proving that it’s never too late to tell your life story. Written by Sarah Kinbar | Photo by Kylene White Quite often the best ideas start as a passion project in someone’s living room. Stoked by the fury of a vision, many people set out to create something special, strike gold and never look back. That’s Angela Burton’s story in a nutshell. Inspired by her father who, as he aged, spent years writing stories, essays, and poems; an idea was sparked that guiding seniors [...]

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We See You, Sis: Adriana Susso

Raising The Bar in Skincare Written by Shirelle Williams | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn Sponsored by: BaeVibez Skincare | 734 W Main Street, Suite 106-G1, Louisville, KY 40202 | Phone: (812) 748-2438 | info@baevibez.com | Website: BaeVibez.com Growing fatigued with her career in technology, Adriana Susso developed beauty products in her home until she decided to take her side hustle to the next level. She partnered with a chemist and an esthetician to perfect her formulations and in 2021 she officially launched BaeVibez Skincare, a line of plant-based products. Since then the self-described “driven [...]

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