January 2022 — We See You, Sis: Kathy Cathey

A Bright Light At the bustling intersection at First and Muhammad Ali, LMPD traffic guard Kathy Cathey is a shining beacon of kindness and calm. By Christine Fellingham  |  Photo by Kylene White The intersection at First and Muhammad Ali — the daily drop-off and pick-up point for the J Graham Brown School — is a frenetic mess of fast cars, frantic parents and K through 12 students. There’s a stream of traffic flying off the I-65 ramp, cars parked two and three deep at the curb, sidewalks cluttered with kids carrying poster boards, and [...]

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We See You, Sis: Nicole Hayden

Nicole Hayden offers opportunities for young women in Louisville to thrive through the Friends of Nicole 50/50 Mentoring Collaborative Inc. “I’m attempting to put change into action…so I keep pushing because there were people before me that had to pave the way for me. So, it’s my responsibility to make that happen for my community.” Nicole Hayden Helps Young Women Find Their Purpose SPONSORED BY THE FRIENDS OF NICOLE 50/50 MENTORING COLLABORATIVE INC.  |  By Tonilyn Hornung  |  Photo by Albert Jones True visionaries are those who see a need for change and [...]

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December 2021 — We See You, Sis: Pastor Ruth Wilson

Touched by an Angel By Tiffany White  |  Photo by Kylene White If you’re falling, Pastor Ruth Wilson will catch you and put you back on track. She is an advocate for those who are less fortunate and believes everyone has a responsibility to take care of each other. Lucrecia Gunn, who is a friend of Ruth’s, can attest to her benevolence, after being on the receiving end. “I know a lot of people, but I’ve not met a woman like her. I was on the verge of homelessness, but she made sure I had [...]

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We See You, Sis: Karla Brown Wright

Karla Brown Wright, Realtor and soon to be Broker Manager with G. Starks Realty, is passionate to help the Louisville community set and crush goals involving wealth building through real estate. Buyers, Sellers and Investors, “CALL KARLA!” Karla Brown Wright is always prepared to help others with their real estate journeys SPONSORED BY G. STARKS REALTY  | Written by Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White For Karla Brown Wright, a real estate agent with G. Starks Realty, purchasing her first home was what first put the idea in her head that becoming [...]

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We See You, Sis: Dee Dee Taylor

Dee Dee Taylor left her job as a paralegal and eventually opened 502 Hemp Wellness Center in 2018. 502 Hemp Wellness Center owner hopes to educate others SPONSORED BY 502 HEMP  | Written by Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White No one likes to go through periods of adversity, but sometimes it is that difficulty that launches people into avenues they never would have explored otherwise. Dee Dee Taylor’s husband, John, suffered from Grand Mal seizures and was taking close to 30 pills per day to try to manage them. After a [...]

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We See You, Sis: Charisse LeMaster

Charisse LeMaster left the corporate world behind and opened LeMaster Events & Travel, In The Mix Bar Service, and In The Mix Bartending School. Charisse LeMaster took a risk that paid off for her and others SPONSORED BY IN THE MIX BAR SERVICE  | Written by Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White When you hear the stories of women and how hard they have worked to establish themselves in entrepreneurial business, you realize that they might truly have super powers. Charisse LeMaster, owner of LeMaster Events & Travel and In The Mix [...]

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