We See You, Sis: Renata Nunez

Lighting The Way Toward a New Career SPONSORED BY Panthera Candleworks By Carrie Vittitoe | Photos by Mary Helen Nunn While you may think of Southeast Asia when you hear the word bamboo, Colombia actually has a wide diversity of bamboo species and was an obvious choice for Colombian-born Renata Nunez, founder and CEO of Panthera Candleworks, when she began working to create a biodegradable candle some 20 years ago. She worked full time at a university but found that many of her friends and colleagues really liked her product. Upon moving to the United States, Renata’s [...]

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We See You, Sis: AARP

“My goal is to make sure people have access to affordable, quality housing throughout their lifespan.” — Tihisha Rawlins, Associate State Director – Outreach AARP Enriches Lives SPONSORED BY AARP | 10401 Linn Station Rd #121, Louisville, KY 40223 | (866) 295-7275 | kyaarp@aarp.org | By Carrie Vittitoe | Photos by Kylene White It isn’t uncommon for people to have one of two reactions when they think about AARP: they groan at the prospect of their age making them eligible for membership in AARP or they think that all AARP does is insurance [...]

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We See You, Sis: LaTanya Henry, CPA

“I like being instrumental in helping their business grow, and I grow with them” She Empowers Business Owners LaTanya Henry, CPA and president of LMH Accounting & Consulting, is making financial literacy the cornerstone of her business. SPONSORED BY LMH ACCOUNTING & CONSULTING, LLC | 629 South 4th Street, Suite #302, Lou., KY 40202 | (502) 996-7150 | lhenry@lmhaccounting.com | By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn LaTanya has always been attracted to balance. “I liked the accounting side of the financial house [and] the idea of things balancing; debits and [...]

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We See You, Sis: Dr. Beverly Williams-Coleman

“Nursing is not just in a facility or hospital. We have to be available throughout the community” Serving from the Heart Dr. Beverly Williams-Coleman is going one step further in her efforts to create healthy and thriving communities. SPONSORED BY KENTUCKY NURSES ASSOCIATION | 305 Townepark Cir, Suite #100, Lou, KY 40243 | (502) 245-2843 | executivedirector@kentucky-nurses.org | By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn Beverly spends her professional hours as a family nurse practitioner and an assistant professor at the University of Louisville School of Nursing. While she has always [...]

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We See You, Sis: Brigitte Owens

“I was able to help with bringing Simmons College of Kentucky back to the negotiation table to acquire a property that was the original Central High School and the first African-American public school in Kentucky.” She’s Helping People Make Money Brigitte Owens shows clients how they can gain financial empowerment. SPONSORED BY PRG COMMERCIAL PROPERTY ADVISOR | 1757 Frankfort Avenue, Suite 102, Louisville, KY 40206 | (502) 387-1957 | brigitte@prgproperty.com | By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn Brigitte Owens is an associate at PRG Commercial Property Advisors, but her first [...]

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February 2022 — We See You, Sis: Kym Rice

Kym Rice, Academy at Shawnee Principal, speaks with a student. “I Love Them First.” This Jefferson County Public School principal won’t leave any student behind. By Tiffany White  |  Photo by Kylene White Kym Rice, principal of the Academy at Shawnee, had aspirations of becoming a doctor — until she stepped inside of a classroom. She had just moved out on her own and needed to find a job, so she began substitute teaching in her last year at the University of Louisville and fell in love. “I liked being in different classrooms [...]

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