Way to Go Woman: Lindsay Wehr

“Never stay in the same space of just your own perspective,” says Lindsay Wehr, who is the 2020 Way to Go Woman! in the Professional category. LINDSAY WEHR, 39 Job: Senior Vice President of Strategy and Outreach, Kosair Charities Family: Husband John Crable; dog...

Way to Go Woman: Carmen Moreno-Rivera

Way to Go Woman! winner Carmen Moreno-Rivera recalls an instance when emotional fortitude became her saving grace in a leadership role at United Parcel Service. “The most
challenging role in my career I’ve had to tackle was working in crew scheduling at UPS Airlines. That
was amplified the night after an aircraft accident in 2013.”

The Big Table

After the inauguration in 2017, Cathy Berkey was troubled over how polarized our society had become. The divisiveness in our country had become palpable, creating a crevasse so wide we couldn’t see our family, friends, and community members on the other side. We had...

Home Improvement, Women-Style

Louisville-based painting contractor Dana Willouby doesn’t think you should be surprised to see women leading the way when it comes to the traditionally male-dominated field of construction and home improvement. After all, female contractors like Dana, who owns her eponymous painting company, and Alexandria Bolton, owner of construction company SheWorks LLC, have been building their own paths to success for years. “And we — women — are really good at what we do,” Dana says.