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Modern Family: The Other Woman

The mother and son relationship often changes when he marries. Jean West reflects on the lessons learned upon becoming a mother-in-law. Written by Jean West | Photos provided by Jean West “Mom, I have a girlfriend.”   Time stopped. The earth stood still. This was the second of three sons in their thirties and late twenties who’d shown no indication of a serious relationship of any kind.  “Well, What’s her name?” I asked.   “Katie.”  “Where does she live?” I pressed.  “Here in New York, she’s from Long Island.”  “Oh, how nice,” I said. “So [...]

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Ex in the City: Peace Be With You

Photo by: Terrence Humphrey Time doesn’t always heal old wounds especially after a difficult breakup. Dr. Ashley Anderson shares why it’s important to release unhealthy emotions. Written by Ashley Anderson In most dictionaries, the definition of making peace includes the phrase “ending hostilities” toward someone or becoming resolved or reconciled with another person or a situation involving them. It’s a great practice to lower the weapons on someone who has seemingly become your arch-enemy, but it’s often harder than taking just that action. How do you make peace with someone who has hurt you? [...]

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Caught in a Bad Romance

Sexual chemistry matters in relationships but is good sex worth staying with a toxic partner? Coralie McEachron explores why it’s better to move on. Written by Coralie McEachron | Illustration by Branden Barker We’ve all been there – you’re at a bar with friends and a text from a familiar name is received sending off a course of adrenaline through your body. The good? Anticipating a night of orgasmic pleasure. The bad? Leaving the scene with your self-worth compromised after having sex with someone you know isn’t right for you.   How do we find [...]

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Ex in the City: Get Back in the Game

Photo by: Terrence Humphrey Ready for a new love in the new year? Dr. Ashley Anderson shares her tips for dating in 2023. Written by Ashley Anderson | Photo by Kylene White Being open to dating again after divorce or heartbreak is hard, and many often say that they’ll never do it again. In the depths of my transition, I remember saying that myself. I couldn’t fathom the day I could allow myself to love and be vulnerable again, but I am so glad I didn’t stay in that place.   I remember [...]

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Modern Family: An Alternative Plan for Pain

Doctors in Ohio have been working on a new approach to patient care and pain management to reduce opioid usage. Could this be a much-needed solution for the ongoing crisis? Jean West investigates. Written by Jean West | Photo by Kylene White For decades, doctors have prescribed opioids as the primary method of pain management for patients after surgery. While opioids are highly effective, they come with side effects that can slow recovery and present a risk for misuse or addiction. With an ongoing nationwide opioid epidemic, medical professionals at Ohio State University have implemented an opioid-sparing surgical recovery protocol for cancer patients that has shown to shorten [...]

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Let’s Talk About Sex: The Sacred Spirituality of Tantra

Commonly known for its association with sex and pleasure, our columnist uncovers the real deal about tantra. Written by Erin Riedel, LCSW | Illustration by Branden Barker The curtains are drawn. The candles are lit. Enya is playing in the background. Two people sit naked, face-to-face, their legs wrapped around each other’s waists, their hands on each other’s hearts. Their eyes are locked, their breaths are synchronized, and never-ending full-body orgasms are mere moments away. This is what you believe tantra is, right? Well, actually, it isn’t. While all of that can be a part [...]

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