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Champions For Childcare – Cover Story

Mommy!” “Mommy!” “Mommy!” The tiny voices echoed throughout the small studio, followed by an assortment of anxious responses “no hitting,” “don’t touch that,” “stay on the carpet,” “let’s share.” MFive women, each dressed in polished business professional attire, gracefully navigate the organized chaos of a toddler photoshoot. As the camera’s shutter clicks in the background, the women skillfully balance their roles as both working professionals and loving mothers. With a collective sense of camaraderie, they share knowing glances and supportive smiles, forming a united front in the art of corralling their lively toddlers for the [...]

WeSeeYouSis – Amplifying Impact

Amplifying Impact Laela Kashan Leading Advocacy at Kentucky Nonprofit Network In the heart of Louisville, a dynamic force is shaping the future of nonprofit advocacy, and her name is Laela Kashan. Recently appointed as the Director of Regional Advocacy and Engagement for the Kentucky Nonprofit Network (KNN), Laela, a Louisville native, is on a mission to amplify the impact of nonprofits, particularly through her work with the Louisville Nonprofit Coalition (LouNC). Laela's journey unfolds as a tale of dedication, expertise, and a commitment to making a difference. Armed with a Juris Doctor degree from the [...]


THE HISTORIC COVER SWAP –PART I Tawana and Amelia Stylist: Jeff Hunter • Tawana Dress: Ricki Freeman | Teri Jon collection from Glasscock $700 Amelia Dress: Park 108 from Glasscock | GlasscockToo $1200 • Tawana and Amelia Makeup: Tia Mao Tawana Nails: MoatNa with Simply Nails • JP Davis Stylist - Russ Wallace | Him & Her Boutique MEET AMELIA FRAZIER THEOBALD Once in a while, life has a way of bringing two souls together, like a perfectly orchestrated melody. For Tawana Bain, Owner and Publisher of Today’s Woman magazine, and Amelia Frazier, [...]

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Spotlight on Hispanic Heritage Month

In celebration of September being Hispanic Heritage Month the Arts Insider puts the focus on México Lindo. Written and Photographed by Gioia Patton/Arts Insider What: México Lindo is a group of families who gather together to share their love for Mexican Folklore and culture. Members: The group is formed by children, teenagers, and adults. Formation: Created the summer of 2009 by Ana Lane, who has become the choreographer/director. Mission:  "We want our children to continue celebrating the diversity of this Beautiful city that has welcomed the traditions and folklore of the Hispanic people. We have [...]

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Modern Family: Revisiting the Science Center

Jean West helps cut the ribbon on the Science Center exhibit Uniquely Human. Jean West returned to one of her sons’ favorite weekend destinations as a committee member for a groundbreaking new exhibit. Uniquely Human is a must-see for kids of all ages. Written by Jean West | Photo courtesy of the Kentucky Science Center (Louisville) It was the best deal for families with children. The dual membership to the Louisville Zoo, and the Louisville Science Center. For many years we alternated on weekends, my sons choosing which they wanted to visit when [...]

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