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Making College Dreams Come True

Jacqueline E. Ellis is the college transition coach for the Lincoln Foundation. The Lincoln Foundation has been serving talented, underserved students in the Louisville Metro area for more than 110 years, helping them overcome barriers to higher education and achieve their potential. Written by Tabnie Dozier | Photographed by Bill Wine There’s a program in Kentuckiana that’s going beyond the school walls to make sure that aspiring college students are equipped with the tools necessary to graduate from high school and attend college. The Lincoln Foundation is devoted to identifying talented, underserved students [...]

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Modern Family: A Taste for Adventure

Welcoming international guests into their family home brought world cuisine into the kitchen and a taste for international food and travel to Jean West and all three of her boys. Written by Jean West | Photos provided by Jean West If you were to look inside my kitchen drawer, you would find an unusual item: a sensu, or ogi … a folding fan.    I lived in Japan for three years, and used these little fans all the time when it was hot. But I didn’t realize there was another way they are actually used [...]

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Ex in the City: Good Sports

Photo by: Terrence Humphrey Kids’ summer athletic programs can be all-consuming unless, like track mom Dr. Ashley Anderson, you call a timeout to reorganize and score some me time.  Written by Ashley Anderson Summer has arrived and while the children are celebrating a break from their normal school routine, most moms I know are flustered, exhausted and counting down the days to August! In addition to “no school,” summer time also means an uptick in activities and sports. Typically, an uptick in kid activity means a downtick in self-care for mom. If your [...]

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Ex in the City: Introducing Bae to the Kids

Summer fun presents a great opportunity to get the kids together with a new partner. Dr. Ashley Anderson talks about bringing the most important people in your world together. Written by Ashley Anderson I vividly remember the moment I first saw him. He passed me in the VIP tent and lit up the entire space with his energy. I still remember my heart fluttering when he turned around and smiled. I looked up to the heavens and asked, “Lord, is that him?!” I remember so much about our first encounter, especially the moment that I told [...]

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Bisexual and Proud

Feeling curious? Here are some resources: Bi Women Quarterly, an online magazine edited by Robyn Ochs. | The Bisexual Resource Center. | Still Bisexual. Happy Pride Month, y’all! I’m devoting this month’s column to recognizing one of the oft-overlooked groups in our beautiful LGBTQIA rainbow: bisexuals. Written by Erin Riedel, LCSW | Illustration by Branden Barker Bisexuals tend to fly under the radar. Sometimes our relationships look straight, rendering our queerness invisible. Sometimes people – gay and straight alike – insist that we don’t exist at all. But we are [...]

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Celebrating Pride

GE Appliances employees march in the 2022 Kentuckiana Pride Festival Parade. The list of local Pride events is expanding this month, but the need for advocacy continues. Written by Ben Gierhart | Photos by Kylene White “Pride is the antidote to shame and fear.” “Pride means showing up as my true self and honoring the brave ones who fought and continue to fight so that I feel safe to be me.” “Loving yourself fully, sharing this love with others while fostering stronger communities.” “To me, Pride is an interesting clash of earnest celebration [...]

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