Redefining the Rules: A Profile on Queer Kentucky’s New Executive Director

Redefining the Rules Written By: Belle Townsend   “I immediately knew I was gay, and I immediately knew to hide it.” When Missy Spears was in the first grade, her family moved to Cincinnati. Upon her departure, her first grade class signed a letter for her to keep. Among those signatures was the handwriting of Spears’ best friend and crush, Alison. After writing “I Love Alison” on the back of that paper as a means of practicing her cursive, Spears’ mom found the letter. Spears remembers this vividly, and she remembers the [...]

Country Pride: May O’Nays

Meet May O'Nays Photography by: Josh Astor Written by: May O'Nays Like so many country women before her, my mom, Chris, often supplemented our household income selling baked goods from the home kitchen during lean times. In our family we could mark time by noticing which baked goods mom was making. My favorite annual tradition was her Easter Sunday cinnamon rolls. As a pastor, my dad was responsible for reminding people that Christ had risen. As a pastor’s wife, my mom’s self-appointed responsibility was making sure her cinnamon rolls had, too! The [...]

The Women Behind “A Toast to Derby Makers

Photography by: Kathryn Harrington Videography by: Dantana Smith Written by: Jenny J.   An event designed to celebrate the remarkable individuals who embody the spirit of the Kentucky Derby In the lush expanses of Kentucky, where the thrill of the Derby stirs the spirits of many, three of Louisville’s own have come together to highlight the unsung heroes that make the Kentucky Derby the spectacle it is. Tawana Bain, Amelia Frazier Theobald, and Julia Kolp Carstanjen, have launched "A Toast to Derby Makers," a unique event that honors the dedication [...]

Dr. Kaila Story has a story: Defying Norms and Championing Justice in Louisville, KY

Defying Norms and Championing Justice in Louisville Written By: JP Davis “Heterosexuality is not normal. It’s just common.” A powerful quote that stood out to me during my interview with Dr. Kaila Adia Story. “Honey, I’m not common or typical. I’m just me. I’m just living my truth.” Dr. Kaila Adia Story is a distinguished academic and community leader based in Louisville, Kentucky. Her multifaceted career spans several disciplines, including Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and she is a prominent advocate for social justice and equity. Her early experiences in a diverse [...]

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