LADIES WHO LAUNCH Ayrica is a seasoned hospitality professional with a diverse background, boasting an impressive 10-year career that spans across various facets of the industry. Her experience encompasses hospitality sales, event management, and catering, where she has consistently excelled, leaving a trail of remarkable sales records and a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service in her wake. Throughout her career, Ayrica has played an integral role in the success of numerous events, showcasing her versatility in handling a wide array of markets. Her expertise extends to social gatherings, corporate functions, sports events, and citywide [...]

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SHELLY DENSLEY DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION AND OPERATIONS  TBAINAND CO, LLC As the Director of Administration and Operations at TBainand Co, LLC, Shelly is a driven and compassionate business professional with a strong and progressive background in all aspects of business administration and operations. She is dedicated to establishing high standards of practice, fostering open communication within and between departments, and enhancing productivity and efficiency across various environments. She also plays a crucial role in implementing necessary changes to programs and policies in collaboration with corporate leadership, resulting in increased efficiency at all levels of the [...]

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Publisher’s Blog: November 2023

"Don’t Match Their Energy" Have you ever encountered someone who did something so hurtful that your initial reaction was to retaliate? Yet, as anger welled up within you, did you ever feel like you were losing sight of your true self? It wasn’t until recently that I realized I don’t have to reciprocate energy I don’t admire. It’s effortless for someone to disrupt a room’s harmony with their negative energy. It’s astonishing how their negativity can rebound and affect those around them, even when we’re simply minding our own business. Tony Robbins once [...]

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Photographed by: Leslie Rodriguez Powered by AI. In the heart of St. Matthews, Louisville natives Mady Martin and Abica Dubay have teamed up to create something extraordinary –CYCLST8, a new cycling studio that aims to revolutionize the fitness scene in the city. This remarkable journey began five years ago when Mady and Abica trained together to become cycling instructors. On October 7th this year, their vision came to life as CYCLST8 officially opened its doors, breathing new life into the old Sears building. For Abica Dubay, the path to CYCLST8 started when she returned to [...]

Tawana Takes on the Outdoors

    TAWANA TAKES ON THE OUTDOORS Photography Credit: Chip Bromfield/Rising Cross Ranch, LLC.   In the heart of Colorado, nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains, lies a family’s cherished property. This picturesque landscape served as the backdrop for an extraordinary event that brought together a diverse group of individuals dedicated to preserving the Western tradition, the environment, and the love of horses. Tawana Bain, the gracious host of this gathering, embarked on a journey that not only rekindled her connection with the outdoors but also created a deep sense of admiration [...]

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Victim of a Relative Thief 

“SHE ASKS”  Dear TW Femme Anom: I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you today as someone who is facing a difficult situation and needs some advice and guidance.   Over the past year, I have noticed a series of unsettling incidents that involve my mother-in-law, and I am at a loss for how to handle the situation. It all started when she was kind enough to babysit our children while my husband and I were away. Everything seemed fine until I noticed that a valuable item was missing from [...]

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