Celebrating the Beautiful Chaos of Motherhood

  Tawana Bain This is a tribute to Moms! In my opinion, every day is Mother's Day! Motherhood is a journey that spans a lifetime, weaving intricate tapestries of love, sacrifice, challenges, triumphs, and embarrassments, to name a few! Each mom's story is unique, absent a one-size-fits-all manual or a perfect set of predefined tools for greatness. Some of us have experienced an overwhelming amount of joy and pride at our children’s accomplishments, while others have experienced inexplicable tragedies or loss that, unless you've experienced it too, there's no way to relate. I also believe [...]

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Women Who Launch – WENDY NOVAK

In the pages of her new book, "Diabetes and Me: Living a Healthy and Empowered Life in the Face of Diabetes," Wendy L. Novak, a Louisville philanthropist, reveals her remarkable journey of resilience and inspiration as someone living with Type 1 diabetes. Her book, released on November 14, 2023, aims to demonstrate that despite the challenges, individuals with this diagnosis can pursue and achieve their aspirations. Profits from the book sales contribute to the Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute in Louisville, Kentucky. Novak, the driving force behind the Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute under Norton Healthcare and [...]

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Navigating Women’s Wellness – Insights from a Health Expert

Embarking on a journey as a women’s health expert has granted me a remarkable view of health through the lives of women across diverse cultures. My extensive experience has nurtured a profound belief in the transformative power of wellness, shaping my approach to health and guiding others toward similar fulfillment. During my time in Louisville, I was embraced by a community of women radiating warmth and grace. This resonated deeply, igniting a passion for promoting wellness experiences and opportunities. Health, I’ve discovered, isn't just a destination; it’s a holistic journey integrating body, mind, [...]

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Brad & Angelina’s Historic New Orleans Estate Heads to Auction

  Brad Angelina's Historic New Orleans Estate Heads to Auction Written By: Madison Dosette Photo Credit: Interluxe Auctions Even with the separation of Hollywood's once-celebrated couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the forthcoming auction of their cherished property, steeped in philanthropic significance, transcends typical tabloid drama. This noteworthy estate, now on auction with an initial bid of $1 million, has even piqued the interest of some Louisville women, joining their list of properties to watch. Acquired by the duo in 2006, it served as the cornerstone for their Make it Right Foundation post-Hurricane Katrina. The [...]

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She’s Making an Impact at 102 – Margaret Pederson

At the remarkable age of 102, Margaret Pederson stands as a leader and inspiration for kindness and unity, nurturing a movement that began five years ago and continues to resonate through Glenwood, Minnesota, and even within the local community of Louisville, where Margaret served as a speaker for the Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Center at the UofL Trager Institute. Initially sparked by a desire to counteract prevailing negativity in the country, Margaret's vision has evolved into an initiative embraced by both the young and old within the community, touching ages 3 to [...]

Who’s That Girl? Stephanie Renner

Stephanie Renner is Counsel at Jackson Kelly PLLC. She represents business and financial institutions in a variety of matters. She especially loves working with community banks, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. She is the daughter of small business owners and has been an entrepreneur herself but has also spent a large portion of her career working as an in-house lawyer for businesses in turnaround mode and as a board member for non-profits undergoing substantial reorganization and change. She has worn many hats ranging from general counsel to head of human resources with a variety of roles [...]

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