A Lifesaving Alliance

Keisha Combs (left) and Virginia Bradford. KAAAC focuses on closing the health gap within the Black community through providing education, empowerment and navigation to cancer screenings; and Gilda’s Club offers support to anyone who has been affected by cancer. “We don’t want anyone to face cancer alone.” - Keisha Combs Written by Tiffany White | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn Sponsored by: Gilda's Club Kentuckiana | 1720 W Broadway, Ste 205, Louisville, KY 40203 | Phone: (502) 371-3040 | Email: suzanne@gck.org | Website: www.gck.org Reducing health disparities in West Louisville is a huge [...]

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Meet the 2022 Most Admired Woman — Equity Champion

Dana J. Johnson Senior Director Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Greater Louisville Inc. Family: Husband Kevin, children Kameron and Kendal, and grandson Kameron II By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Marvin Young More and more businesses are recognizing that diversity is an important aspect of economic growth. A workforce consisting of people with diverse experiences and thoughts helps companies serve more people and with greater attention to customers’ needs. With a Spalding University degree in business administration and almost 20 years of experience in community and public relations, Dana Johnson’s role at Greater Louisville Inc. [...]

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Meet the 2022 Most Admired Woman — Community and Sisterhood

Tiffany Ramos Cardwell HR Advisory Principal, MCM CPAs & Advisors HR Solutions Group  Family: Husband Shawn, two children Ryan and Haley, and dog King By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White Tiffany Ramos Cardwell began her professional life at TransUnion in Chicago, Illinois, and followed it with time at Humana, Papa John’s, and Signature Healthcare in Louisville. These companies gave Tiffany unique experiences in sales, international business development, and acquisitions and mergers, which now help her in her consulting role at MCM. While these skills are essential to her 9-5 work, they have also [...]

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We See You, Sis: Sherisa Sayles

Sherisa Sayles and her partner Robert Berry co-own Home Helpers. Their services include: caring for pets, companionship, daily telephone checkups, grocery shopping, housekeeping, meal prep, med reminders, dressing and feeding, hospice support care and prescription pickup. Bringing Tenderness into Every Interaction SPONSORED BY Home Helpers Home Care By Tiffany White | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn For Sherisa Sayles, not much can match the satisfaction she receives from caring for those who are in need of a kind face, comforting words, and some extra help. As a franchise owner of Home Helpers, Sherisa provides [...]

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Meet the 2022 Most Admired Woman — Arts

Hannah Drake Writer/speaker and Chief Creative Officer at IDEAS xLab  Family: Daughter Brianna Wright; Three cats Susu, Mittens, and Karma; and one dog, Peanut Butter By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White Hannah Drake has loved words since she was three when she first learned to read. They’ve just always made sense to her, and stringing them into powerful paragraphs felt like connecting puzzle pieces to form a complete picture. She tinkered with the idea of becoming a lawyer but ultimately decided she would major in communications and use her words in a different [...]

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We See You, Sis: Joi McAtee

Joi McAtee is the project manager at Lean Into Louisville. She runs a weekly book club where participants have frank conversations about race. For more details, contact Joi at Joi.McAtee@louisvilleky.gov. She Wants to Create Racial Harmony SPONSORED BY Lean Into Louisville By Tiffany White | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn For some, having candid discussions about race can be uncomfortable – especially in light of recent and pervasive racial tensions. But Joi McAtee, project manager with Lean Into Louisville, is teaching people how to start the conversation and be part of the solution in [...]

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