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Brad & Angelina’s Historic New Orleans Estate Heads to Auction

  Brad Angelina's Historic New Orleans Estate Heads to Auction Written By: Madison Dosette Photo Credit: Interluxe Auctions Even with the separation of Hollywood's once-celebrated couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the forthcoming auction of their cherished property, steeped in philanthropic significance, transcends typical tabloid drama. This noteworthy estate, now on auction with an initial bid of $1 million, has even piqued the interest of some Louisville women, joining their list of properties to watch. Acquired by the duo in 2006, it served as the cornerstone for their Make it Right Foundation post-Hurricane Katrina. The [...]

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Tawana Takes on the Outdoors

    TAWANA TAKES ON THE OUTDOORS Photography Credit: Chip Bromfield/Rising Cross Ranch, LLC. In the heart of Colorado, nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains, lies a family’s cherished property. This picturesque landscape served as the backdrop for an extraordinary event that brought together a diverse group of individuals dedicated to preserving the Western tradition, the environment, and the love of horses. Tawana Bain, the gracious host of this gathering, embarked on a journey that not only rekindled her connection with the outdoors but also created a deep sense of [...]

Making History

The careful restoration of an 1897 Highlands home by Sarah Mattingly and her husband Ben Botkins returned much of its original charm while adding modern day livability for their family of four. Written by Christine Fellingham | Photographed by Kylene White As two of the four partners in the chic Bellwether Hotel, it’s hardly surprising that Sarah Mattingly and Ben Botkins have renovated an antique house in the Highlands into a stunning but completely unpretentious home for themselves and their two young sons. Their flair for seamlessly mixing mid century modern decor with [...]

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Open House

In a scenic neighborhood of rolling hills and mature trees, a former Homearama home and its pool with a view provide a perfect place for attorney Lorie Casey to relax and unwind with friends and family. Written by Christine Fellingham | Photographed by Kylene White Lorie Casey (top) says her favorite room is the bedroom (shown here). “It’s my go-to place after a long day at work,” she says. As a criminal defense attorney with a private practice in Bullitt County, Lorie Casey’s work life can be a stressful one. When she walks [...]

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In the Kitchen with Damaris: Lunchbox 101

With the kids heading back to school, it’s time for columnist and Food Network Star Damaris Phillips to serve up some creative ideas for lunch box lunches – which, she points out, are not just for children. Here, her fun feasts to go for all ages. By Damaris Phillips | Photographed by Kylene White Hey, y’all! It’s that time of the year again when we bid farewell to summer fun and embrace the back-to-school hustle. And you know what that means-- packing lunches! But, fret not, because I’ve got some fantastic ideas and tricks up [...]

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Past Perfect

When colorful couple Kristin and Eddie Kidwell aren’t flipping homes or arranging block parties, they can be seen zipping around their neighborhood on their Vespa. A quirky-but-stately house with a history inspired realtors Kristin and Eddie Kidwell to trade a tiny cottage across the river for urban — but still slightly free-range — Highlands living. Written by Christine Fellingham | Photographed by Kylene White The story of how the Kidwell family of four came to live in the rambling, historic home of local philanthropist and activist Hal Warheim is a magical, full-circle plot [...]

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