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Tour Her Neighborhood: Butchertown

Jaclyn Journey (left) and Amanda Jacobs created Paire — a new hospitality and retail concept. Photo by Kylene White The funky charm of this walkable, historic neighborhood inspired design partners Jaclyn Journey and Amanda Jacobs to create Paire – a new retail and hospitality concept that allows locals to experience life in a different part of their hometown. By Christine Fellingham A stroll through the quaint area on the Eastern edge of downtown that’s known as Butchertown is a journey of discovery. From quirky millinery studios to delicious wine bars and charcuterie shops, this once [...]

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In the Kitchen with Damaris: Garden-To-Table Favorites

Damaris shares some of her favorite recipes using ingredients from your garden or a trip to the farmers' market. Photo by Kylene White This month, Damaris shares simple, delicious recipes inspired by early spring produce — whether it comes from your tiny herb garden or your first trip to the farmers’ market.  By Damaris Phillips It's the time of year when we start working on our gardens. Turning soil, adding compost dirt to our raised beds, digging, planting, and grounding ourselves back to the earth after a cold and long winter.   I [...]

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Embrace Grandeur

When Dunia Joseph moved into her new home, she wanted to create a space reflective of her personal aesthetic mixed with eye-catching design elements. Elegant and classic in its style, this home, located in Bridgemore Estates, is her dream come true. By Lennie Omalza | Photos by Kylene White After Dunia Joseph attended Homearama in 2016, she knew exactly whom she was going to call to design her house. “Having a Homearama-style home was always a goal,” she says, “[and] when I met Tammy [Randall, lead interior designer and partner at LL&A Interior Design], at [...]

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Tour Her Neighborhood: Prospect

Loren says the whole farm, including her brother's property, is 300 acres. The picturesque landscape surrounding the home of Loren Hebel-Osborne, is a  sight to behold. Loren, who is the thoroughbred racing event specialist at Derby Experiences, takes us on a beautiful tour of a place symbolic of her family legacy. By Carrie Vittitoe | Photos By Kylene White A drive through the rolling hills of Kentucky, especially near Lexington, will take you past plenty of horse farms and pastures, but a closer trek with the same kind of feel can be had driving toward Prospect and Goshen. [...]

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Kitchen Envy

The test kitchen at the Lee Initiative house combines chic design with sparkling Monogram appliances. It is a carefully curated setting for flawless meals and festive gatherings. By Christine Fellingham | Photos by Kylene White Right about now, many Louisvilians are either finishing home renovations or wishing they’d done a few. The endless opportunities for entertainment in a post-pandemic Derby season tend to expose any inefficiencies in kitchen design or aging appliances. It’s when ice makers seem too slow, freezers too small, ovens too finicky and counter space too skimpy. And while some of us may fret [...]

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Tour Her Neighborhood: Borden, Indiana

Summer Crawford takes a stroll through town and stops at her favorite coffee shop in Borden, Indiana. Summer Crawford, owner of Summer Crawford Design, welcomes the peacefulness and low-key atmosphere she has found in the small town of Borden, Indiana. By Carrie Vittitoe  |  Photos by Kylene White Why did you choose Borden as your home base? It’s a very country-like setting. I really like how quaint and quiet it is. The sunsets out here are just beautiful. There are only 936 people in Borden, Indiana. You get that small town feel. We [...]

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