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In the Kitchen with Damaris: Damaris’ Date Night

Illustrated by Branden Barker Food is a universal Love Language. It can create a truly intimate connection. So, for this Valentine’s Day — or any romantic day — We put together some of our favorite bourbon-inspired recipes from our columnist and Food Network Star Damaris Phillips. Enjoy! By Damaris Phillips VEGETARIAN STROGANOFF Ingredients 1 pound noodles 1 pound ground meat substitute 1/4 cup olive oil 1 medium onion, diced 8 ounces mushrooms, sliced 2 tablespoons flour 1 cup vegetable broth (or bouillon and water) 2 cups oat milk or cream 1 teaspoon garlic [...]

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In the Kitchen with Damaris: Top Food & Diet Trends for 2023

While she’s no fan of fad diets, our local Food Network Star Damaris Phillips graciously gives us a heads up and her expert insights on the food and nutrition trends we’ll be hearing about this year. By Damaris Phillips | Photographed by Kylene White Our down-to-earth chef and entertaining expert is anything but obsessively trendy and don’t even ask her about “New Year, New You” diet plans. But part of the gig of being a global food expert is keeping up with current flavors and tastes and looking for the bright spots in a sea [...]

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In the Kitchen with Damaris: Cheers to the Holidays

Sipping something sparkling and festive always adds to the party vibe. So resident Food Network Star Damaris Phillips mixed up a few cocktails and mocktails sure to make your next gathering merry and bright. By Damaris Phillips | Photographed by Kylene White There are many ways that Damaris weaves magic into the many parties she plans. From unexpected themes to creative décor to laid back atmosphere, she’s the queen of creating a party where everyone can relax and have a blast.   One of her secrets to successful hosting is always making sure that all [...]

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Tour Her Neighborhood: Shelbyville

Teresa Cotterman and her daughter Brielle stroll through the shops at 800 Main in Shelbyville. Sprawling equestrian properties and country homes with double digit acreage were all this horse-loving grandmother needed to forgo retirement and establish herself as one of Shelby County’s most sought-after realtors. Written by Diane R. Paylor | Photographed by Kylene White After a 30-year career selling real estate in Indiana, Teresa Cotterman was set to take down her realtor signpost and retire in Shelbyville to be closer to her beloved daughter and grandchildren. But the allure of the city known [...]

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In the Kitchen with Damaris: Make-Ahead Thanksgiving

Photo by Kylene White Our resident entertaining expert and Food Network chef, Damaris Phillips, shares her strategy and recipes for a stressless, made-from-scratch holiday feast. By Damaris Phillips A few years ago my sister-in-law, Dameron, and I decided to cook the entire Thanksgiving dinner together. Growing up, our family dinner tradition was potluck style, so making everything ourselves felt like a fun challenge. We planned, we shopped, we organized and we started early Thanksgiving morning. By 4 p.m., we had created a stunning Thanksgiving dinner that anyone would be proud to serve. We [...]

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In the Kitchen with Damaris: Think Global, Eat Local

Our local restaurant scene isn’t all bourbon and fried chicken. In honor of our diversity issue, Food Network star and local chef Damaris Phillips shares her favorite go-to places for authentic international cuisine. Written by Damaris Phillips | Main Photo by Kylene White | Inset Photos Provided by Damaris Phillips Louisville has a fantastic restaurant scene — we all know that. It’s a source of pride for me when people visit and are blown away by our restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. My heart swells when people praise the amazing meals they enjoyed in our fair city, [...]

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