YewDell Gardens | 2024 Theodore Klein Awards & Recommendation

YEW DELL GARDENS Plant picks for your home and garden, recommended by the top plant experts in the region Written By: Dr. Paul Cappeillo Photos by Yew Dell Gardens Photo by Yew Dell Gardens For the home gardener, choosing the best plants can be a bit overwhelming. Each year, nurseries, universities, and marketing companies introduce hundreds of new plant selections, all touted as the best. Don’t forget social media is now a hub of conflicting information on what’s ideal for our region’s environment. Where does the home gardener turn to cut through all [...]

Building a Dynasty | Celebrating a Legacy of Empowerment and Excellence Under Coach Misty Hodges

BUILDING A DYNASTY Written By Tiffany Felts Under the legendary stewardship of head coach Misty Hodges, the University of Louisville All Girl cheerleading team has built a legacy of pushing boundaries and setting new standards that reverberate across the cheerleading world. As an alumna of this iconic team, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Misty Hodges’ coaching, and I am deeply honored to share her impact on the sport, the program, and the thousands of female cheerleaders – old and new. A Legacy of Excellence Misty Hodges embarked on her journey in [...]

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Women Who Play to Win | Hometown Heroes Anna DeBeer & Elena Scott

HOMETOWN HEROES Anna DeBeer & Elena Scott Lead Louisville Volleyball to New Heights Anna DeBeer and Elena Scott,  both hailing from Louisville, have become the dynamic duo driving the University of Louisville volleyball team to unprecedented success. Their journeys from local high school stars to collegiate standouts have not only showcased their individual talents but also highlighted the strength of their partnership on the court. Together, they embody the spirit of teamwork, positivity, and leadership that defines Louisville volleyball. Their contributions have propelled the Cardinals to an undefeated regular season (2021), two Final Fours [...]

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Women Who Play to Win | Reilyn Turner

REILYN TURNER RACING LOUISVILLE #image_title In the world of women's professional soccer, few stars shine as brightly as Reilyn Turner. The young forward, who recently transitioned from a stellar career at UCLA to Racing Louisville FC, who carries more than just her impressive stats into the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL). Turner brings with her a promise of leadership, resilience, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of the sport. At UCLA, Turner was nothing short of sensational. A four-time All-Pac-12 selection and the first player in the program's history to win the [...]

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Women Who Play to Win | Gabi Leon

GABI LEON PROFESSIONAL POLE VAULTER Photo by Julie Fuster Few events blend grace, power, and precision like pole vaulting. Among the elite competitors stands Gabi Leon, whose journey to professional pole vaulting is as inspiring as it is unique. Gabi’s path to pole vaulting was an unexpected one, filled with trials, triumphs, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Gabi’s journey began unexpectedly in high school. Initially passionate about soccer, a persistent algebra teacher convinced her to try pole vaulting. “I was terrified at first,” Gabi recalls, “but I fell in love with [...]

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Mental Game | Unleashing the Power of Mind Over Matter in Sports

MENTAL GAME Written by Beth Rush #image_title Sports is a mental game as much as it is a physical one. While your training is critical, you need a motivated and healthy mindset before entering competitions. The struggles of being an athlete can be overbearing, but there are ways to overcome them. How do women in sports overcome these challenges and achieve their goals? They find motivation and do whatever it takes. Here’s what athletes say about mental health and staying on top of their game. How does mental health impact your game? The [...]

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