Modern Family: The Other Woman

The mother and son relationship often changes when he marries. Jean West reflects on the lessons learned upon becoming a mother-in-law. Written by Jean West | Photos provided by Jean West “Mom, I have a girlfriend.”   Time stopped. The earth stood still. This was the second of three sons in their thirties and late twenties who’d shown no indication of a serious relationship of any kind.  “Well, What’s her name?” I asked.   “Katie.”  “Where does she live?” I pressed.  “Here in New York, she’s from Long Island.”  “Oh, how nice,” I said. “So [...]

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A Trip to Napa & Sonoma

Wine Group enjoying the outdoors at Dry Creek Vineyard. Bottom: Pamela Thompson, Tawana Bain, Kathy Oyler, Theresa Reno Weber; Top: Patty Tye Dale, Lauren Coulter, Christen Boone, Natasha Munshi, Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, Kimberly Halbauer. Today’s Woman Publisher Tawana Bain recently went on a girlfriends’ getaway to Napa and Sonoma Valleys for good food, great fun and delicious wine. Here’s a shortlist of some spectacular places to visit in California’s Wine Country. Written & photos provided by Tawana Bain Last November Tawana and a few friends joined the 3.85 million people who visit Napa [...]

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Backstage Pass: Leader of the Pack

“What all my female protagonists share in common is that they can pretty much take care of themselves. And pretty much save themselves if necessary.” — New York Times best-selling author, Karen Robards Author Karen Robards was writing historical romance before it became cool. Written by Gioia Patton/Arts Insider While the popularity of historical romance fiction novels has grown significantly due to a certain streaming platform’s adaptation of a series of books, true aficionados of the genre know that one of the best to ever do it is Louisville’s-own, Karen Robards. After gaining [...]

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Ex in the City: Peace Be With You

Photo by: Terrence Humphrey Time doesn’t always heal old wounds especially after a difficult breakup. Dr. Ashley Anderson shares why it’s important to release unhealthy emotions. Written by Ashley Anderson In most dictionaries, the definition of making peace includes the phrase “ending hostilities” toward someone or becoming resolved or reconciled with another person or a situation involving them. It’s a great practice to lower the weapons on someone who has seemingly become your arch-enemy, but it’s often harder than taking just that action. How do you make peace with someone who has hurt you? [...]

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