Getting Help for Your Pelvic Floor Disorder

If you’re a woman age 40 or older, chances are high that you have had a few grown up “accidents.” Due to the embarrassing nature, mum’s been the word while you find temporary ways to cope as your potty mishaps become more frequent. Written by Sarah Kinbar | Illustration by Branden Barker The good news is there is help besides buying an endless supply of panty liners, pads or protective undergarments. The condition is called pelvic floor disorder and it’s treatable. Dr. Andrew Doering of the Norton Urogynecology Center in Louisville says there are a [...]

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Let’s Talk About Sex: A Vibrant Sex Life at Any Age

Can you be “too old” to have sex? They don’t call it your golden years for nothing! Written by Coralie McEachron, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Sex Therapist | Illustration by Branden Barker And yet, despite 65% of Americans aged 65-80 still wanting sex, over half were not sexually active, with some of these folks still having desire without a guarantee of sexual fulfillment. According to the experts, there is no expiration date on touch. Despite women experiencing a variety of changes with age, creating, redefining, exploring and playing with their relationship(s) with sex and intimacy, is necessary. [...]

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A Playwright for Her People

There was no Spanish language theater in Louisville when Haydee Canovas started writing plays. She has changed that. By Gioia Patton/Arts Insider | Photographed by Kylene White The ability to create something that not only entertains, but also educates is a special kind of gift. For Haydee Canovas, bilingual playwright and co-founder of the Spanish language, non-profit children’s theater company, Teatro Tercera Llamada, it is also a personal mission. Her works, which have been staged at the Kentucky Center, seek to inform the audience about issues of importance in their community – issues that are [...]

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It Takes a Village

After raising their own families, many grandparents are stepping up to raise their grandchildren when their children are no longer able. We take a look at this important social issue. Written by Diane R. Paylor and Yelena Sapin Raising children is a journey filled with many firsts: the first smile, the first words, the first steps. The first birthday, however, is a milestone. “We are so excited to celebrate our little princess turning one,” read the evite sent by Today’s Woman Publisher Tawana Bain, for the first birthday party of her granddaughter Alyjia. Tawana arrives [...]

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Tour Her Neighborhood: Shelbyville

Teresa Cotterman and her daughter Brielle stroll through the shops at 800 Main in Shelbyville. Sprawling equestrian properties and country homes with double digit acreage were all this horse-loving grandmother needed to forgo retirement and establish herself as one of Shelby County’s most sought-after realtors. Written by Diane R. Paylor | Photographed by Kylene White After a 30-year career selling real estate in Indiana, Teresa Cotterman was set to take down her realtor signpost and retire in Shelbyville to be closer to her beloved daughter and grandchildren. But the allure of the city known [...]

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A Woman’s Guide to Senior Care

Choosing the right type of care for an aging loved one can be a difficult task. Here are some expert tips on how to make these very important decisions easier for everyone. Written by Lennie Omalza | Illustration by Branden Barker With 15 percent of Derby City residents older than 60 and the Kentucky chapter of the AARP estimating the state’s senior population to increase 40 percent by 2050, it’s no surprise that Louisville was dubbed “America’s Aging Care Capital” by Forbes magazine. With a plethora of in-home services, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other [...]

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