The Weed Debate: His View

  By Emmanuel "Gift" Clack  |  Photo submitted Did Clinton inhale or didn't he? Did Kamala smoke weed listening to Snoop, or didn't she? The recent legalization of marijuana has become a valuable hot topic. It's becoming commercialized or dare I say, gentrified. What we once knew as weed, Mary Jane, that sticky icky has been rebranded as a respectful recreational choice for hipsters and young professionals. The perception of it being a gateway drug only being used by underachievers frying their brain cells is no more. It's also become a proven antidote to combat [...]

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Letter from the Publisher: Taking the ‘High’ Road

  Happy New Year, Today’s Woman readers! Staying true to my resolution to not operate in fear — we are pushing boundaries and having the conversations that count. So, if we are going to push boundaries in 2022, why not do it with the controversy of medical marijuana as the focus? I remember my first experience with marijuana: it was short, sweet (literally) and reminded me that I am definitely a cocktail girl and not a smoker. I sat in a coffee shop in Amsterdam where I ate a brownie laced with weed. Knowing I [...]

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The Wonder Drug

Medical Marijuana is treating everything from MS to PTSD. Will this be the year Kentucky (finally) legalizes? By Mary Chellis Nelson After serving more than 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, Andrea Mizell had put her body through a lot. She’d spent countless 12- to 14-hour days running and walking in combat boots. The wear and tear caught up to her shortly after returning from a deployment in Kuwait in 2018. While running at the Kentucky Air National Guard base in south Louisville, her back went out. That turned into full-blown fibromyalgia, a chronic [...]

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Backstage Pass — Top Shows Not to Miss in January!

  By Gioia Patton/Arts Insider   The Red Velvet Cake Wars Written by the team that brought Derby Dinner Playhouse audiences The Dixie Swim Club and Dearly Beloved, this Southern-fried comedy features the three Verdeen cousins: Gaynelle, Peaches, and Jimmie Wyvette. After having “accidentally” crashed her minivan through her husband’s girlfriend’s doublewide, Gaynelle is one frazzled nerve away from a spectacular meltdown. Not much better are Peaches, the number one mortuary cosmetologist in the tri-county area, and Jimmie Wyvette, who's desperately trying to outmaneuver a priss-pot neighbor for the affections of Sweetgum’s newest widower. When [...]

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Tour Her Neighborhood: Parkland

For Shauntrice Martin, the close relationships she has formed with some of her Parkwood neighbors is an extra benefit and gives her peace of mind. By Carrie Vittitoe  |  Photos by Mary Helen Nunn People love their neighborhoods for various reasons. But for Shauntrice Martin, knowing her son, Iniejah, can safely run up and down a street free of traffic is a benefit of living in Parkland. She also has the support of three neighbors who send her text messages concerning his whereabouts. What else excites you about Parkland? “The train that runs [...]

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January 2022 — We See You, Sis: Kathy Cathey

A Bright Light At the bustling intersection at First and Muhammad Ali, LMPD traffic guard Kathy Cathey is a shining beacon of kindness and calm. By Christine Fellingham  |  Photo by Kylene White The intersection at First and Muhammad Ali — the daily drop-off and pick-up point for the J Graham Brown School — is a frenetic mess of fast cars, frantic parents and K through 12 students. There’s a stream of traffic flying off the I-65 ramp, cars parked two and three deep at the curb, sidewalks cluttered with kids carrying poster boards, and [...]

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