The Plight of the Covid Long-Haulers: Lauren Jones

"I was in the hospital, battling COVID-19. I had just tested positive, and within a few hours I went from feeling fine to unable to breathe," says Lauren Jones in a Facebook post. Lauren chronicles her long-haul COVID journey on her social media page.   The complexities of COVID can make recovery an uphill battle, particularly for those who are experiencing long-term effects of the illness. But there are ways of staying ahead of this health anomaly. We give you some tips on how to protect yourself and your family for the new [...]

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Making the Board

Tawanda Lewis Owsley has served on the boards of the Louisville Urban League, Greater Louisville Inc., Leadership Louisville, Lexington Children’s Theatre, Lexington Chamber of Commerce, and the Lyric Theatre. Begin the new year by showing up in a big way. Serving as a board member with a company or organization could be a chance for you to advance progress and discover some gifts you didn’t know you possessed. We show you how to do it. By Tytianna Wells   |  Photo submitted Are you ready to tackle some of the big issues happening [...]

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A Special Delivery

Megan Bell, owner of The Next Door Market, wants all neighborhoods to have access to healthy food options. Buying fresh food shouldn’t be a luxury, but in some zip codes it is. Megan Bell is on a quest to change this disturbing reality and help families get the nutrition they need through making produce attainable. By Megan Seckman  |  Photo by Kylene White  |  Location: Rainbow Blossom It all started with a magazine article about food deserts in West Louisville. Growing up in the Newburg neighborhood, access to organic and local produce was [...]

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

If you're struggling to get good sleep, a sleep mask can block out light, allowing the user to achieve a deeper level of sleep. Sleep deprivation is a common problem, but there are solutions for ensuring you get a restful sleep every night. By Lennie Omalza  |  Submitted photo The CDC estimates that one third of adults in the U.S. aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis. But how much sleep is truly “enough?” “I think [we as] Americans … have normalized seven hours of sleep,” says Dr. Kenneth C. (Chuck) Anderson, [...]

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Listen to Piper Madison’s Newest Album, How Do I Love?

Louisville Native and Recording Artist Piper Madison Asks on New Album — How Do I Love? By Gioia Patton/Arts Insider  |  Photo Submitted “Play the long game. It’s the old story of the turtle and the hare…trying to rush to the ending of your journey will only wish it away. There’s something to be said for slow growth and patience in building an everlasting career in this industry,” remarks 19-year-old Louisville native Piper Madison, revealing the best career advice she’s ever received and utilizes in her career as a singer/songwriter/musician/actress. The Billboard-charting artist, who in [...]

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COVID-19 and Fertility: The True Story

  All Women OB/GYN SPONSORED BY ALL WOMEN, OBGYN  |  By Elena Salerno, MD We all remember reading about the death and despair that pandemics like the Spanish Flu and earlier the Black Plague caused to humankind. Then, suddenly, we found ourselves in another pandemic, COVID-19. Ten months later the FDA granted emergency use authorization to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, both of which are mRNA based and do not contain viral particles. Some had concern about the speed in developing these vaccines, however, this is not a new technology, and it has [...]

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