We See You, Sis: Sara Jessick

Deaf Pride: Sara Jessick uses her voice and talents to advocate for herself and other members of the d/Deaf community. By Diane R. Paylor | Photo by Kylene White There’s a noticeable intentionality in Sara Jessick’s voice as she explains there are various terms within the Disability community to describe individuals with hearing-loss. “You can say Deaf (with a capital D) which refers to Deaf culture and community, or can be when someone has hearing loss and uses ASL (American Sign Language) to communicate, or a mix of signing and voice. There is deaf with [...]

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We See You, Sis: Diane Whitlock

A Progressive Framework for Diversity By Sarah Kinbar | Photo by Kylene White Sponsored by: University of Louisville | Grawemeyer Hall, 2nd Floor, Louisville, KY 40292 | Phone: (502) 852.5719 | diversity@louisville.edu | Website: Louisville.edu Forty-two years into her career at the University of Louisville, Diane Whitlock can predict needs, fill in gaps, and advance projects seamlessly, like it’s second nature. “Ultimately, the role of Chief of Staff stays interesting because it varies depending on who you work for. I basically do whatever needs to be done,” she says. She's a powerhouse. It’s not an [...]

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We See You, Sis: Jazzlin Hamilton

Today's Woman Social Media Specialist Jazzlin Hamilton finished as 2nd runner up at the 2022 Miss Kentucky pageant. Beauty, Grace & Strong: Even a traumatic brain injury couldn’t stop this young tour de force. By Diane R. Paylor | Photo by Rob Metzger Photography Jazzlin Hamilton says she never saw herself as a pageant girl. In 2018, during her freshman year at Western Kentucky University, she was asked to participate in the Ms. Black Western pageant. Despite having no experience, the broadcast journalism major who minored in musical theater said yes. She didn’t [...]

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We See You Sis Giveaway!

A Day of Luxury Polo Tailgating with TW Written by Christine Fellingham | Photographed by Kylene White You don’t have to know the first thing about the rules of polo to enjoy the experience of being a spectator at a match. The setting is beautiful, the horses are majestic, and the fashion-watching is wildly entertaining. Throw in the elevated tailgating menu and you have the makings of an unforgettable day. Which is why Today’s Woman is asking you to nominate one deserving woman to join us in our beautifully-decorated tailgating tents at the Makers House [...]

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We See You, Sis: Jan Rogers

The Center for Health Equity at Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness works with more than 100 healthcare providers, social service agencies, community-based organizations, and grassroots partners as part of its Healthy Babies Louisville coalition. The Protector of West Louisville SPONSORED BY Lean Into Louisville By Tiffany White | Photo by Kylene White Jan Rogers, the Coordinator for Healthy Babies Louisville, and the Department’s new Parent Empowerment Board is ensuring that West Louisville residents have a voice in building a healthy, vibrant community. She and her colleagues are achieving this by inviting the community [...]

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We See You, Sis: VaShaun Mosby

VaShaun Mosby has published two autobiographical books titled Behind Her Eyes, the springing board behind her publishing house, and 365 Days of Attacks but God which chronicles a year of challenges she faced as an entrepreneur. “I highlight and speak about the problems and offer encouragement and prayers for how I got through those things,” she says. She Sets You Up for Success SPONSORED BY The VaShaun Nicole Group By Tiffany White | Photo by Kylene White VaShaun Mosby is showing small business owners and those pursuing a career how they can achieve [...]

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