She’s Making an Impact at 102 – Margaret Pederson

At the remarkable age of 102, Margaret Pederson stands as a leader and inspiration for kindness and unity, nurturing a movement that began five years ago and continues to resonate through Glenwood, Minnesota, and even within the local community of Louisville, where Margaret served as a speaker for the Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Center at the UofL Trager Institute. Initially sparked by a desire to counteract prevailing negativity in the country, Margaret's vision has evolved into an initiative embraced by both the young and old within the community, touching ages 3 to [...]


Photographed by: Leslie Rodriguez Powered by AI. In the heart of St. Matthews, Louisville natives Mady Martin and Abica Dubay have teamed up to create something extraordinary –CYCLST8, a new cycling studio that aims to revolutionize the fitness scene in the city. This remarkable journey began five years ago when Mady and Abica trained together to become cycling instructors. On October 7th this year, their vision came to life as CYCLST8 officially opened its doors, breathing new life into the old Sears building. For Abica Dubay, the path to CYCLST8 started when she returned to [...]

Great Places For Starting Something New

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When It’s Time For A Change

For women in Kentuckiana, COVID-19 has been the historic moment that is forcing them to reconsider both their personal and professional lives. Even if they haven’t been personally impacted by the pandemic, the shutdowns and quarantines have given them time to reflect and decide what they want their futures to look like, and for many of them, that future looks markedly different.

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Changes Part 2: Kate Ashton Said Yes to Herself When No One Did

By Megan M. SeckmanShe may only be 29, but Kate Ashton has already reinvented herself three times. Kate began as a hair stylist but soon realized that the job was tough on her body, so she used her cosmetology background to transition to the field of body services, despite never having waxed a body part in her life. For eight years, she dove into the land of body waxing, eyebrow threading, tinting, and esthetician services.“I saw a trend with brows and Brazilians from my clients and realized there was no waxing culture in Southern Indiana,” [...]

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Changes Part 1: Rewriting Her Future in Six Weeks

 By Megan M. SeckmanCathy Fyock is no stranger to change. She started out as an elementary school music teacher, and when that didn’t pan out, she quickly made the change to the field of business. For years, Cathy established a career as a speaker and employment strategist in human relations. She ran a successful consulting business for 20 years with her mother and provided countless businesses with advice on how to recruit top employees and inspire an aging workforce. She was such a master in her field that she literally wrote the book on it. [...]

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