Photographed by: Leslie Rodriguez

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In the heart of St. Matthews, Louisville natives Mady Martin and Abica Dubay have teamed up to create something extraordinary –CYCLST8, a new cycling studio that aims to revolutionize the fitness scene in the city. This remarkable journey began five years ago when Mady and Abica trained together to become cycling instructors. On October 7th this year, their vision came to life as CYCLST8 officially opened its doors, breathing new life into the old Sears building.

For Abica Dubay, the path to CYCLST8 started when she returned to Louisville in 2019 after fifteen years in Los Angeles. Her dream was to create a unique yoga studio that offered a holistic approach to fitness. It wasn’t an easy journey, especially opening YOGAST8, CYCLST8’s sister studio, during a pandemic. However, despite the challenges, YOGAST8 thrived. Abica shares, “I couldn’t have predicted all the twists and turns of starting my own business, but this learning curve has been instrumental in shaping YOGAST8 into what it is today. Now, we’re ready to expand into cycling.”

For Mady Martin, the idea of owning her own studio was never a question of if but when. From the early days of her career, she knew she wanted to create a fitness community based on support and camaraderie rather than competition. A well-known fitness instructor in Louisville, Mady had been approached numerous times about starting her own studio in different cities. However, her collaboration with Abica at YOGAST8, where she led the “Slay” class, combining TRX and cardio, sparked the idea of CYCLST8. Mady reflects, “There were moments when I thought I would leave Louisville to pursue my dream of opening a cycling studio, but I’ve come to realize that Louisville is not only my family’s home but also my fitness and professional home. I didn’t want to leave this incredible community; I wanted to be part of enhancing it.”

At CYCLST8, Abica and Mady are on a mission to help clients feel stronger, steadier, and clearer. Their classic ride is a 45-minute session filled with sweat, speed, and strength, all set to the backdrop of energetic music. And yes, they like their music loud. But what truly sets CYCLST8 apart is their commitment to making cycling approachable for everyone, regardless of experience. This vision led to the creation of SYNC, a 60-minute class that combines 30 minutes on the bike with 30 minutes of weight and resistance work. Mady explains, “We want to redefine indoor cycling, making it more dynamic and inviting.”

One of the most exciting aspects of CYCLST8 is the joint membership that allows clients to attend classes at both CYCLST8 and YOGAST8. With the FULL ST8 ACCESS membership, clients gain access to cycling, weights, yoga, and TRX, providing them with a versatile fitness experience. As Mady emphasizes, “Most people don’t limit themselves to just one type of fitness, but juggling multiple memberships can be challenging. Our FULL ST8 ACCESS membership lets you wake up and decide what your body and mind need that day.”

CYCLST8 officially opened its doors on October 7th and is gearing up for a vibrant winter season. With cross-promotional sales between CYCLST8 and YOGAST8 in the works, it’s clear that Mady Martin and Abica Dubay are poised to make waves in the Louisville fitness scene.

As Mady says, “Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram (@cyclst8) for some exciting surprises!”

In a city that thrives on community, CYCLST8 promises to be more than just a fitness studio; it’s a testament to the strength of partnerships, dreams, and a shared vision for a healthier Louisville.