We See You, Sis: Jasemine Reed

Jasemine Reed has developed writing workshops for kids and adults. She also offers a tutoring program for low-income families. Jasemine Reed is helping adults and kids use the art of writing as a means for expressing themselves and discovering their untapped talents. By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White Born in Frankfort, Kentucky but raised in Louisville, Jasemine says she got her interest in writing from her mother, a writer, and her desire to do service for others from her father, who served in the military. These two foci, writing and service, [...]

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We See You, Sis: Michelle Jones

After the tragic loss of her brother, Michelle Jones set out to change the conversation about mental health. By Tiffany White | Photo by Kylene White Michelle Jones is on a crusade to save lives. In 2016, her brother Pete died by suicide at the age of 23, but there were no warning signs. “We were shocked, because we knew he had been struggling with depression and anxiety for a long time, but suicide never crossed our minds … at the time, there wasn’t a lot of awareness about mental health in our community and resources [...]

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We See You, Sis: Catalina Ibarra

Catalina’s program, El Poder de la Informacion, airs on Saturdays from 1-3pm on WLRS PODER. You can also listen to her Monday thru Friday from 1-3pm. Changing Lives Through the Airwaves: Catalina Ibarra had aspirations of becoming a sports broadcaster, but when fate moved her in a different direction, she found her true calling. By Nailah Spencer | Photo by Kylene White Catalina Ibarra is a master at juggling – jobs that is. Born in Mexico but a native of Chicago, Catalina works as a broadcaster on WLRS Poder radio where she provides [...]

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We See You, Sis: Liduvina Portillo

Liduvina Portillo, Norton Community Medical Associates-La Clinica Preston Family Nurse Practitioner: “We saw a lot of patients who didn’t have insurance and who came from other countries with a lot of language barriers. I saw the need for providers who speak Spanish.” She Gives Patients Peace of Mind - Through creating authentic connections, Liduvina Portillo is making it easier for Spanish-speaking clients to get the care they need. By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White Liduvina was a licensed practical nurse at Park Duvalle Community Health Center who decided to become a [...]

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February 2022 — We See You, Sis: Kym Rice

Kym Rice, Academy at Shawnee Principal, speaks with a student. “I Love Them First.” This Jefferson County Public School principal won’t leave any student behind. By Tiffany White  |  Photo by Kylene White Kym Rice, principal of the Academy at Shawnee, had aspirations of becoming a doctor — until she stepped inside of a classroom. She had just moved out on her own and needed to find a job, so she began substitute teaching in her last year at the University of Louisville and fell in love. “I liked being in different classrooms [...]

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January 2022 — We See You, Sis: Kathy Cathey

A Bright Light At the bustling intersection at First and Muhammad Ali, LMPD traffic guard Kathy Cathey is a shining beacon of kindness and calm. By Christine Fellingham  |  Photo by Kylene White The intersection at First and Muhammad Ali — the daily drop-off and pick-up point for the J Graham Brown School — is a frenetic mess of fast cars, frantic parents and K through 12 students. There’s a stream of traffic flying off the I-65 ramp, cars parked two and three deep at the curb, sidewalks cluttered with kids carrying poster boards, and [...]

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