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Amplifying Impact Laela Kashan Leading Advocacy at Kentucky Nonprofit Network In the heart of Louisville, a dynamic force is shaping the future of nonprofit advocacy, and her name is Laela Kashan. Recently appointed as the Director of Regional Advocacy and Engagement for the Kentucky Nonprofit Network (KNN), Laela, a Louisville native, is on a mission to amplify the impact of nonprofits, particularly through her work with the Louisville Nonprofit Coalition (LouNC). Laela's journey unfolds as a tale of dedication, expertise, and a commitment to making a difference. Armed with a Juris Doctor degree from the [...]


Photographed by: Leslie Rodriguez Powered by AI. In the heart of St. Matthews, Louisville natives Mady Martin and Abica Dubay have teamed up to create something extraordinary –CYCLST8, a new cycling studio that aims to revolutionize the fitness scene in the city. This remarkable journey began five years ago when Mady and Abica trained together to become cycling instructors. On October 7th this year, their vision came to life as CYCLST8 officially opened its doors, breathing new life into the old Sears building. For Abica Dubay, the path to CYCLST8 started when she returned to [...]

We See You, Sis: Jessica Tretter

The Mistress of Misters for MS: Seven years ago, Jessica Tretter started the Faux Bachelor Auction known for its silly good time. Now, some $700,000 later, she’s ready to pass the baton. Written by Rocko Jerome | Provided photo When Jessica Tretter founded Misters for MS seven years ago, it was the fruition of a concept she had in her head for a long time. “I had wanted to do sort of a faux bachelor auction for years, like almost a parody of those events from decades ago where guys would go on a date [...]

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We See You, Sis: Petru Bester

The Capital Grille Managing Partner Petru Bester. An Evening to Remember: When a TW staffer made her birthday dinner reservation, one restaurant manager served up a night she would never forget. Written by Rocko Jerome | Photographed by Kylene White When Today’s Woman Relationship Engagement Specialist Nikki Ervins had a birthday to celebrate last month, she chose The Capital Grille, a newly-opened restaurant near Oxmoor. “Both of my sons are servers there,” explains Nikki. “Although the boys were working, I still wanted to be around all of my children.”  When her party of [...]

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We See You, Sis: Becky Duncan

She Throws Stereotypes Out With the Trash: Self-proclaimed ‘trash-talker’ Becky Duncan explains her entrepreneurial journey Written by Tabnie Dozier | Provided photo Recent statistics show that almost 97 percent of solid waste collectors are men. Those aren’t numbers that frighten Becky Duncan: “I didn’t really consider the fact that I was once again going to be in an industry where I was the minority,” she says. Yes, once again. Back in the day, this Air Force Veteranworked on the flight line in the areas of communication and navigation systems on various aircrafts, like C-130 rotary [...]

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We See You, Sis: Cindy Cook

From opening day in April straight through the Fall meet, the thousands of guests who pass through Churchill Downs have questions, requests and, occasionally, demands. Director of Guest Services Cindy Cook puts them all on the right track. Written by Christine Fellingham | Photographed by Kylene White  When Churchill Downs opens its gates to the world in just a few weeks, Cindy Cook will be the one ensuring that our global guests experience the charm, graciousness and once-in-a-lifetime memories that the Kentucky Derby is famous for. Some might wilt under that pressure, but this will [...]

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