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The Mistress of Misters for MS: Seven years ago, Jessica Tretter started the Faux Bachelor Auction known for its silly good time. Now, some $700,000 later, she’s ready to pass the baton.

Written by Rocko Jerome | Provided photo

When Jessica Tretter founded Misters for MS seven years ago, it was the fruition of a concept she had in her head for a long time. “I had wanted to do sort of a faux bachelor auction for years, like almost a parody of those events from decades ago where guys would go on a date for charity with the highest bidder at a ball,” she says. “In our show, you’re not bidding on the guy; you’re bidding on an item that the guy on the runway represents, which frees them up to be silly.”

That’s definitely the truth. The exact opposite of a stuffy old time gala, Misters for MS is a raucous good time, in which 10 gentleman volunteers campaign for donations in the run-up, then come out one by one on the night of the event and dance, briskly jog, or otherwise perform as a song of their choice plays. The men are generally not professional performers, and so their nervous energy lends itself to a unique kind of charmingly endearing all its own.

“I wanted to create an exciting non-profit event for charity that could have an aura and engage people who had never done the work before,” says Jessica. “I made many close friends along the way and have enjoyed being a champion for the Misters and sort of wrangling them through the process. The whole idea has been to create understanding, and I’m very proud of them and what we have accomplished.” And it’s been quite an accomplishment — to date, the event has raised over $700,000.

In her day-to-day life, Jessica is a CFP practitioner, owner of Tretter Financial Planning, and an adoptive parent. The 2023 installment of Misters for MS was her last as the head of the event as she now intends to pursue more advocacy work for Jefferson County foster families and children. “To make a difference in the life of a child is to potentially create a better future for everyone,” she says.


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