Amplifying Impact
Laela Kashan Leading Advocacy at
Kentucky Nonprofit Network

In the heart of Louisville, a dynamic force is shaping the future of nonprofit advocacy, and her name is Laela Kashan. Recently appointed as the Director of Regional Advocacy and Engagement for the Kentucky Nonprofit Network (KNN), Laela, a Louisville native, is on a mission to amplify the impact of nonprofits, particularly through her work with the Louisville Nonprofit Coalition (LouNC).

Laela’s journey unfolds as a tale of dedication, expertise, and a commitment to making a difference. Armed with a Juris Doctor degree from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law and a BS in justice administration from the University of Louisville, she brings a wealth of legal and advocacy knowledge to the forefront of KNN’s mission. Her previous roles as a staff attorney and leader in public policy efforts with the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs underscore her passion for creating positive change.

KNN CEO Danielle Clore expresses admiration for Laela’s unique combination of skills, passion, and enthusiasm, qualities that make her the ideal leader for this pivotal position. Laela’s role extends beyond the confines of a job; it’s a commitment to amplify the voices of Louisville’s diverse residents, echoing the heartbeat of local nonprofits.

As we navigate the challenges post-COVID-19, Laela’s leadership promises a fortified and resilient  nonprofit sector. Louisville, a city where nonprofits serve as the lifeblood of community well being, finds a dedicated advocate in Laela Kashan, keeping the lights on for countless life-saving and community building organizations.

Laela’s journey takes on an even more inspiring dimension when we consider her decision to return to her roots. Having ventured beyond the city limits to gain invaluable experience with national and international organizations, Laela now brings back a global perspective to Louisville. Her return is not just a professional homecoming but a symbol of the incredible potential that Louisville holds. In an era where cities strive to engage and retain their talent, Laela stands as a living example of the remarkable impact that can be achieved when local individuals return with a wealth of knowledge and a global mindset.

In embracing her roots, Laela Kashan becomes a beacon for the city, illustrating the power of attracting and retaining talent— especially for the demographic that cities nationwide are fervently trying to engage. Her journey becomes a catalyst for community pride, inspiring others to contribute to Louisville’s growth and prosperity. Laela Kashan’s return is not just a personal triumph; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of Louisville women making a profound impact on a global scale.