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Modern Family: PMS Relief — for the Whole Family

Jean West, who struggled with PMS syndrome for years, shares fresh research and hope for sufferers and those closest to them. By Jean West  |  Photo by Kylene White Our first home in Louisville was an old house in the Highlands, built in 1819. There were three stories and strange little rooms in odd places. I turned one of those small rooms into a closet. Referred to as Mommy’s closet, it probably preserved the mental wellbeing of our young boys — and my marriage at the time. This closet was my refuge when my severe [...]

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The Gift of Heartbreak

  By Kaye Stone  |  Photo by Sarah Katherine Davis Photography Breakups hurt. But they can also be the start of something new and better for you. Writer Kaye Stone guides us through what it takes to survive the loss of a love. The heart, an organ with the strength to carry the entire weight of keeping a body alive, is strong, yet so very fragile. We depend on its beat for life. We know if the heart is still working, it’s a sign life is left inside of us — a sign of hope. [...]

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Follow the Music

Mariana Miranda is a mechanical engineer by day and a flamenco dancer at night. Flamenco dancing has shown Mariana Miranda how to let go and embrace imperfection – all while getting in a good workout. By Carrie Vittitoe  |  Photos by Kylene White By day, Mariana Miranda is a mechanical engineer at GE Appliances, a Haier Company. She is a participant in the company’s Edison Engineering Development Program, which is helping her determine where she most wants to use her skills in the business while she pursues her master’s degree. By night, though, [...]

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Backstage Pass — Top Shows You Don’t Want to Miss in February!

By Gioia Patton/Arts Insider Gospel at the Symphony The Gospel at the Symphony program opens with Duke Ellington's New World A-Comin, a work for piano and orchestra featuring Louisville’s own Harry Pickens (pictured), which mixes jazz, gospel, blues and West Indian dance with traditional symphonic music. As Ellington said about the piece in his biography: “I visualized this new world as a place in the distant future, where there would be no war, no greed, no categorization, no non-believers, where love was unconditional, and no pronoun was good enough for God.” The program is rounded [...]

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Modern Family: Are You Ready for The Talk?

A pregnant Jean West was caught off guard when her young son hit her with the big questions on the drive to daycare. Here, advice that can help you feel more prepared and less terrified to talk about sex. By Jean West  |  Photo by Kylene White It happened at the worst possible time: I was forced to have “The Talk” with my 5-year-old. While driving to daycare listening to the Talking Heads. A day or so before, my 5-year-old noticed mommy was “fat.” “Why is your tummy so big?” “Well, there is a baby [...]

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On Talking to My Kids about Marijuana

Reaching Out to Our Kids About Marijuana Before Their Teenage Years Helps the Conversation Remain Judgment-Free and Factual By Megan M. Seckman  The signs are obvious. All of a sudden, your little cherub turns into some type of demi-varmint. Ravenous and racoon-eyed, they devour everything in the refrigerator. They rifle through the cabinets in search of some gluttonous, odd concoction like peanut butter, banana and potato chip sandwiches.   Or the opposite happens: they become quiet as a church mouse, their spine furls into a parenthesis in an attempt to hide in plain sight. Hobbies and the bric-a-brac [...]

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