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Let’s Talk About Sex: Demystifying Natural Sex Remedies

Avoid the possible negative side effects from sex pills and instead try safer aphrodisiacs like chocolate and strawberries in the bedroom. Can an herb or organic “toy” take your sex life from so-so to steamy? Our resident sex therapist has the lowdown on some popular alternative enhancers. By Coralie McEachron In the alternative wellness marketplace, there are plenty of treatments that promise to increase libido, make us feel less inhibited and boost our sexual performance and satisfaction. However, many are not the miracle cures they promise to be and some are dangerous. Here [...]

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Letter from the Publisher: Comfortably Uncomfortable with Love

Tawana Bain By Tawana Bain  |  Owner & Publisher Putting restrictions on love may determine if we ever find it. Whether it’s love of self or someone else, we are often the keeper of establishing the very barriers prohibiting self-love or the ability to love others. Love is complicated enough with the many limitations we set, and when we choose to only date within our race, our options shrink. We might be concerned about the reaction of family and friends or wonder how well they will adjust to being around people from a [...]

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A Perfect Match

Kelly Ramsey pairs the complex notes of bourbons with the finest chocolates in her Art Eatables stores. Kelly Ramsey is giving us a sweet and chocolatey introduction into the world of bourbon. By Megan Seckman  |  Photos by Kylene White Unlike most chocolatiers, bourbon is Kelly Ramsey’s passion. Chocolate is merely the avenue. Ten years ago, Kelly found her gift of infusing the two brown beauties together when a friend of hers that worked for a local distillery gifted her a high end bottle. Growing up, Kelly and her mother used to make [...]

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Hormones: Friend or Foe?

Not feeling your best? Don’t be quick to blame your hormones. We take a closer look at how they benefit your overall health and wellbeing. By Lennie Omalza Hormones. They’re essential chemicals for daily bodily functions, reproduction, and more, yet we typically only talk about them when we think they’re affecting us in a negative way. But how do we know if hormones are truly the culprit of mood swings or unwellness? According to Dr. Jessica Dennison, a functional medicine physician at Integrative Hormone Specialists in Middletown, the answer to that question depends on a [...]

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Royal Jewelers Pearls & Puptails Howl-iday event

Royal Jewelers hosted their annual Pearls & Puptails Howl-iday event benefiting the Kentucky Humane Society on December 16, 2021. Adoptable puppies were the highlight of the night along with holiday cocktails and a chance to win a pair of white gold diamond and garnet stud earrings. Photos by Heather Florance

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COVID Continues…What to Do if You’re Pregnant

By Amy Deeley, MD Reflecting on the past two years, the COVID-19 virus dominates my thoughts. Even amongst very difficult personal struggles, nothing compares to the effects of COVID-19 on my life. As with all of us, adjusting to the social distance between family and friends, the difficulty breathing with constant mask wearing and having to routinely repeat words during conversation now seems standard. Professionally, as an OB/GYN, what has not become routine (i.e. still difficult to manage) is participating in the care of severely sick pregnant patients on the verge of losing their lives. [...]

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