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Helping Women Move Past Vein Problems

Written and provided by Clark Memorial Vein Center Sponsored by: Clark Memorial Health | 1220 Missouri Avenue, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 | Phone: (812) 280-1419 | Website: Women, especially those who have had multiple pregnancies, are three times more likely than men to develop venous disorders such as painful varicose veins or unsightly spider veins. We talked with Marla Beeler, nurse practitioner with the Clark Memorial Vein Center team, about how modern treatments can make the difference for patients with vein problems. What are the most common problems the Vein Center addresses? The most common [...]

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Work It Girl: Tarrick Lavender

Tarrick Lavender faced a serious illness that took over her life, but strengthening her mental resolve helped her win the fight and live a healthier life. Written By Carrie Vittitoe | Submitted Photos Moms of young children know it is a challenge to find time to do anything for themselves; even going to the bathroom alone is a luxury. But in order to take care of one’s family, moms have to take care of themselves first. It isn’t an easy task, but it can be done with support and commitment. Tarrick Lavender, a stay-at-home mom [...]

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A Triumphant Finish

In the face of a grueling triathlon, Meghan Brennan learns she can weather the storm. Written By Carrie Vittitoe | Photos by Kylene White Not all triathlons look the same. While all of them involve swimming followed by hiking and then running, the distances can vary widely. And, of course, the experience of the triathlon itself can be different each time.   When Meghan Brennan, a native Louisvillian and local physician, was an undergrad at the University of Notre Dame, she joined the triathlon club. “It was a fun way to work out with other [...]

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Let Anger Go

If anger is taking over your life, it might be time for you to rediscover what makes you happy. Ramona Brewer, a licensed clinical social worker and founder of Hope4Hearts Counseling, gives you some suggestions on where to start. By Lennie Omalza It is completely normal to get angry from time to time, but living in a constant state of hostility can lead to mental illness and other issues. Ramona says that oftentimes, a seemingly endless bout of anger is the result of not recognizing and accepting your true feelings.   “A lot of times, people don’t [...]

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Going the Extra Mile

Cindy and her horse KC Lucks Lil Buck, participated in the Black Sheep Boogie race — a 50 mile competition — in Elkins, Ohio. Cindy Young’s mental toughness and  stamina as an endurance rider proves she  can go the distance – and come out on top. By Carrie Vittitoe  | Photos by Noelle Snyder If you’re not a horse enthusiast, you might think that endurance riding just means a rider gets on her horse and rides until she decides to stop, but it is more complicated than that. In an endurance riding competition, riders have [...]

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Red Alert

Advice from Heart Disease Survivors Stories by Carrie Vittitoe | Photos by Kylene White | Styling by Christine Fellingham Sponsored by U of L Health In movies, it is easy to see the Red Alert moment: sirens blare loudly, and red lights flash on and off. The ominous background music clues the viewer in that a dangerous attack is imminent to the characters on the screen. Heart disease isn’t like a film, though; it presents differently in women. For some women, their cardiac event was preceded by a slow decline that happened over years; other [...]

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