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A Calming Drift

Kim Hannan’s turning point came when she realized she hadn’t made her health the top priority. Now, she is embracing a new life of self-care and showing others how to let their stress float away. By Carrie Morrison Shoaf    |  Photos by Kylene White Kim Hannan had a hard choice to make and was at a crossroads at the end of 2017: throw her successful career out the window to build a brand new, unproven vocation in New Albany, Indiana, or uproot her family for a guaranteed lucrative move to Chicago? The Fortune 500 [...]

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Work It, Girl: Reclaiming Her Life

Amy Coriell, 50, of Charlestown, Indiana, had knee replacement surgery in her 30s, and since then had struggled with her weight and her exercise regimen.   When Amy Coriell’s health problems began interfering with her quality of life, she devised a plan for getting back on the right track. Now she is stronger, healthier and happier. By Carrie Vittitoe  |  Photo by Kylene White For some people, their bodies make it more challenging to be physically active. Amy Coriell, 50, of Charlestown, Indiana, was born with a knee condition that, despite many surgeries [...]

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Opening Act

Coralie McEachron, licensed marriage and family therapist and relational and sex therapist How role playing and sensory exploration can add excitement to your romantic life. By Coralie McEachron  |  Photo by Kylene White I am a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as a relational and sex therapist. My training has focused on seeing the world systemically, including how we are interconnected with others and the ways that our past, present, and future impact each other. I help people create a more authentic connection with themselves and others through talking about topics [...]

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Work It, Girl: Going the Distance

From left, elementary school teacher Ashley Fortson and accountant Katie Rajchel of Jeffersonville, Indiana, are lifelong friends on a quest to run a mini-marathon in every state in the United States. With their next race this February in Las Vegas, they will mark Nevada off their list. Cross Country Running Takes on a New Meaning for These 2 Childhood Friends By Carrie Vittitoe  |  Photos by Kylene White Jeffersonville, Indiana, residents Ashley Fortson and Katie Rajchel met in middle school and became best friends in high school, but the fitness part of their [...]

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The Plight of the Covid Long-Haulers: Lauren Jones

"I was in the hospital, battling COVID-19. I had just tested positive, and within a few hours I went from feeling fine to unable to breathe," says Lauren Jones in a Facebook post. Lauren chronicles her long-haul COVID journey on her social media page.   The complexities of COVID can make recovery an uphill battle, particularly for those who are experiencing long-term effects of the illness. But there are ways of staying ahead of this health anomaly. We give you some tips on how to protect yourself and your family for the new [...]

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

If you're struggling to get good sleep, a sleep mask can block out light, allowing the user to achieve a deeper level of sleep. Sleep deprivation is a common problem, but there are solutions for ensuring you get a restful sleep every night. By Lennie Omalza  |  Submitted photo The CDC estimates that one third of adults in the U.S. aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis. But how much sleep is truly “enough?” “I think [we as] Americans … have normalized seven hours of sleep,” says Dr. Kenneth C. (Chuck) Anderson, [...]

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