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Beneath the Surface

This year, Brooke Forde, the four-time national champion and Stanford University swimmer, came home from the Olympic Games with a silver medal in the 200 Meter Freestyle relay. Brooke is wearing: Sequined dress, $35, and silver earrings, $8, at Sassy Fox. Hair and makeup by Mikhail Schulz for J Michael’s Spa & Salon. Photo assistant: William Kolb. After navigating the challenges of a postponed Olympics, Lakeside swimmer turned athletic superstar Brooke Forde brought home a silver medal from Tokyo — but not in the event she had trained for most of her life. [...]

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Is Your Child Being Targeted by a Bully?

Bullying, written with red paintbrush on a wall. Conceptual image. October is National Bullying Prevention Month! This was created to increase awareness and educate people about bullying and cyber-bullying. Crystal Carter, supervisor of Bullying Prevention for Jefferson County Public Schools, says, “We’re trying to increase the knowledge of kindness, inclusion, and acceptance.” October 21 is Unity Day, in which people around the world will unite for a world free from bullying. School teaches more than reading, writing, and that new math all the kids are doing. Children absorb valuable life lessons in areas [...]

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