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Red Alert

Advice from Heart Disease Survivors Stories by Carrie Vittitoe | Photos by Kylene White | Styling by Christine Fellingham Sponsored by U of L Health In movies, it is easy to see the Red Alert moment: sirens blare loudly, and red lights flash on and off. The ominous background music clues the viewer in that a dangerous attack is imminent to the characters on the screen. Heart disease isn’t like a film, though; it presents differently in women. For some women, their cardiac event was preceded by a slow decline that happened over years; other [...]

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Follow the Music

Mariana Miranda is a mechanical engineer by day and a flamenco dancer at night. Flamenco dancing has shown Mariana Miranda how to let go and embrace imperfection – all while getting in a good workout. By Carrie Vittitoe  |  Photos by Kylene White By day, Mariana Miranda is a mechanical engineer at GE Appliances, a Haier Company. She is a participant in the company’s Edison Engineering Development Program, which is helping her determine where she most wants to use her skills in the business while she pursues her master’s degree. By night, though, [...]

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On Talking to My Kids about Marijuana

Reaching Out to Our Kids About Marijuana Before Their Teenage Years Helps the Conversation Remain Judgment-Free and Factual By Megan M. Seckman  The signs are obvious. All of a sudden, your little cherub turns into some type of demi-varmint. Ravenous and racoon-eyed, they devour everything in the refrigerator. They rifle through the cabinets in search of some gluttonous, odd concoction like peanut butter, banana and potato chip sandwiches.   Or the opposite happens: they become quiet as a church mouse, their spine furls into a parenthesis in an attempt to hide in plain sight. Hobbies and the bric-a-brac [...]

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Not in the Mood? It May Not Be What You Think

If the most romantic month is leaving you cold, resident sex therapist Coralie McEachron has some surprising sexual turn-ons and turn-offs that may help rev up your love life. By Coralie McEachron With the month of love can come increased expectations for romance, sex, and amorous moments. However, for many women, this pressure may feel paradoxical, particularly if they’re struggling with having any desire for sex at all. For those of you wondering, "What’s wrong with me? Why is having sex the last thing I feel like doing?,” there are some new and surprising answers. [...]

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Demystifying Natural Sex Remedies

Avoid the possible negative side effects from sex pills and instead try safer aphrodisiacs like chocolate and strawberries in the bedroom. Can an herb or organic “toy” take your sex life from so-so to steamy? Our resident sex therapist has the lowdown on some popular alternative enhancers. By Coralie McEachron In the alternative wellness marketplace, there are plenty of treatments that promise to increase libido, make us feel less inhibited and boost our sexual performance and satisfaction. However, many are not the miracle cures they promise to be and some are dangerous. Here [...]

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Hormones: Friend or Foe?

Not feeling your best? Don’t be quick to blame your hormones. We take a closer look at how they benefit your overall health and wellbeing. By Lennie Omalza Hormones. They’re essential chemicals for daily bodily functions, reproduction, and more, yet we typically only talk about them when we think they’re affecting us in a negative way. But how do we know if hormones are truly the culprit of mood swings or unwellness? According to Dr. Jessica Dennison, a functional medicine physician at Integrative Hormone Specialists in Middletown, the answer to that question depends on a [...]

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