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LADIES WHO LAUNCH Ayrica is a seasoned hospitality professional with a diverse background, boasting an impressive 10-year career that spans across various facets of the industry. Her experience encompasses hospitality sales, event management, and catering, where she has consistently excelled, leaving a trail of remarkable sales records and a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service in her wake. Throughout her career, Ayrica has played an integral role in the success of numerous events, showcasing her versatility in handling a wide array of markets. Her expertise extends to social gatherings, corporate functions, sports events, [...]

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Ladies Who Launch: VaShaun Mosby | A Pathway Out of Poverty? Now There’s an App for That

Chanel Nicole Photography While on public assistance twenty years ago, VaShaun Mosby vowed to improve her circumstances and help others do the same. Her new app will do both. Written by Rocko Jerome VaShaun Mosby is a woman who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. A Lexington native who overcame a young adulthood spent on public assistance to become a successful technology business owner and “serial entrepreneur,” she is a determined, focused dreamer who saw hard work as her way out. “I make no qualms about it: I was a good girl gone [...]

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The Women of Higher Education

Spalding University President Tori McClure. While the ivory towers of academia are typically occupied by men, the opposite is true in our city where strong female presidents lead our local universities into an era of inclusion. Reporting by Christine Fellingham and Rocko Jerome | Photographs by Kylene White and Benji Koelling It’s no secret that women are in the minority in higher education leadership. In 2022, only thirty-three percent of college presidents were women. That number has barely budged in years. Except in Louisville. Here, the majority of the presidents leading our local [...]

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Big Swinging

Annika Sörenstam is regarded as one of the best female golfers in history. With 72 LPGA wins in her career, she’s undisputedly one of the greatest female players in golf history. While participating in the annual American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, Annika Sörenstam met with Tabnie Dozier to discuss merging her two passions, golf and giving back. Written by Tabnie Dozier | Photographed by Sky Thomas Nestled amongst North America’s largest alpine lake sits Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. It is Lake Tahoe’s [...]

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A Fresh Pour

Tia and Sean Edwards. With the introduction of their craft bourbon, Fresh, and a vibrant Lexington distillery, Tia and Sean Edwards join the small ranks of Black bourbon entrepreneurs who are changing the flavor of the industry. Written by Tabnie Dozier | Photographed by Kylene White It’s one of the first things that come to mind when you think of Kentucky: bourbon. And it’s no wonder. According to the Kentucky Distillers Association, more than 95% of the world’s bourbon is produced right here. The heady, amber liquid is saturated into the fabric of [...]

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What It Takes To Do The Impossible

New Year's resolutions seldom work but forming good habits always do! Instead of setting yourself up for another year of failed goals, here are ways you can hit your mark. Written by Gia Fey | Illustration by Branden Barker What do Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, and Jennifer Lopez all have in common? They all had big dreams. Dreams so big that other people told them they were crazy. Instead of feeling defeated by others’ critiques, they believed in themselves and kept going. These now household names started off with humble beginnings and goals that [...]

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