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A Special Delivery

Megan Bell, owner of The Next Door Market, wants all neighborhoods to have access to healthy food options. Buying fresh food shouldn’t be a luxury, but in some zip codes it is. Megan Bell is on a quest to change this disturbing reality and help families get the nutrition they need through making produce attainable. By Megan Seckman  |  Photo by Kylene White  |  Location: Rainbow Blossom It all started with a magazine article about food deserts in West Louisville. Growing up in the Newburg neighborhood, access to organic and local produce was [...]

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Listen to Piper Madison’s Newest Album, How Do I Love?

Louisville Native and Recording Artist Piper Madison Asks on New Album — How Do I Love? By Gioia Patton/Arts Insider  |  Photo Submitted “Play the long game. It’s the old story of the turtle and the hare…trying to rush to the ending of your journey will only wish it away. There’s something to be said for slow growth and patience in building an everlasting career in this industry,” remarks 19-year-old Louisville native Piper Madison, revealing the best career advice she’s ever received and utilizes in her career as a singer/songwriter/musician/actress. The Billboard-charting artist, who in [...]

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Lead with Appreciation

Cynthia Knapek, president of Leadership Louisville Center. For some of us, work can be hard. You might be trying to figure out how you can gain more visibility on your job, get a promotion or improve your communication skills. Cynthia Knapek, president of Leadership Louisville Center, understands the twists and turns that can come with finding your way — and she is committed to helping people in all stages of their career flourish. The nonprofit organization offers leadership development programs for professionals and uses community projects as the basis for their sessions. Cynthia [...]

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Power Behind the Words: Rheonna Thornton

Finding Strength in a Verse Rheonna Thornton is giving women the power to use their voice — and words — in a way that is transformative. A connoisseur of language, Rheonna is celebrating the sixth anniversary of her Lipstick Wars Poetry Slam, which is a spoken word competition, but it’s about more than competitors showing their linguistic prowess. The idea for Lipstick Wars came from hearing negative comments from some male poets at other poetry slams. “There would be a lot of comments made by men who would say things like ‘oh great, another bitter [...]

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Power Behind the Words: Felicia Mabuza Nixon

“In the back of my mind was always my mother saying ‘writing is just a hobby…you can’t do that…you have to have a career,’ which is why I got an undergraduate degree at IUS, and have since earned five Master degrees. But I always came back to writing. I find myself in writing, says Author Felicia Mabuza Nikon, whose first novel is titled July in September. “I’m a female author who writes from a male perspective.” Ten words. That’s all writer and Louisvillian Felicia Mabuza Nixon had to utter upon our introduction at [...]

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