THE HISTORIC COVER SWAP –PART I Tawana and Amelia Stylist: Jeff Hunter • Tawana Dress: Ricki Freeman | Teri Jon collection from Glasscock $700 Amelia Dress: Park 108 from Glasscock | GlasscockToo $1200 • Tawana and Amelia Makeup: Tia Mao Tawana Nails: MoatNa with Simply Nails • JP Davis Stylist - Russ Wallace | Him & Her Boutique MEET AMELIA FRAZIER THEOBALD Once in a while, life has a way of bringing two souls together, like a perfectly orchestrated melody. For Tawana Bain, Owner and Publisher of Today’s Woman magazine, and Amelia Frazier, [...]

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Photo: AI-Generated Illustration Written by: and Tawana Bain In a world where change is the only constant, Today's Woman stands poised to meet the challenge. Our mission, while simple, carries profound significance: to empower women worldwide with knowledge, insights, and inspiration, enabling them to flourish in an increasingly digital age, fueled by the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI). Imagine this scenario: with just a single sentence, Adobe conjures four women who exist only within the realm of AI-generated imagination. This astounding accomplishment highlights AI's remarkable capabilities, particularly in the realm of [...]

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  RIDING HIGH PHOTOGRAPHED BY KYLENE WHITE - WRITTEN BY CHRISTINE FELLINGHAM At the recent World Equestrian Championships, Melissa Moore earned seven titles and said “I do” to longtime boyfriend, Joe O’Brien, in an impromptu barn ceremony officiated by Carson Kresley of Queer Eye fame. As she approaches her sixtieth birthday – and the likely to be legendary birthday bash, this equestrian-model-movie producer shares her secrets for living life like a bold, beautiful badass. With her flowing silverblonde mane, razor sharp cheekbones and New York fashion week walk, Melissa Moore is one of [...]

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Publisher’s Blog: October 2023

Finding Strength Through Holiday Adversity and Beyond: A Message of Resilience Written by Tawana Bain As the holiday season approaches, we all anticipate joy, warmth, and moments of togetherness. However, life has a way of throwing unexpected challenges at us, and the holidays are no exception. Sometimes, these challenges can feel like fiery meteors crashing down upon us. But in the midst of chaos and adversity, we find the strength to endure, to rise, and to become even more courageous than before. Today, we want to inspire and empower you, the everyday woman, [...]

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