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Queens Of The Derby

Photo by Ernie Belmonte Meet three women who are claiming their rightful place in the horse racing industry. They are breaking barriers and rewriting the history of this sport. By Jessie Oswald Horse racing is a challenging and arduous industry to make a living, let alone find success. Each day starts before the sun rises and is heavy with physical labor. It takes a strong arm and a strong mind to navigate the business and keep proving yourself one race at a time. Without a level of commitment and passion, few can endure it day-in [...]

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Derby After Dark

Styled by Melissa Gagliardi and Christine Fellingham | Photos by Kylene White | Hair by Shayna Shearer for Calvin Mitchell Salon | Makeup by Sloan Winters for Circe Beauty Bar Our city’s 2-minute sporting event is more accurately a 24/7, week-long party that extends far beyond the gates of Churchill Downs. We took two models and a pile of pretty clotghes and millinery on a trip downtown to the history-drenched Black Jockeys Lounge on Fourth Street. Let our imaginary escapades and elevated ensembles inspire your own post-pandemic Derby celebration. Night Moves A ruched black dress looks [...]

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Rethinking Royalty

We talk to this year’s Royal Court to find out what it means to be A Kentucky Derby Festival Princess. Written by Carrie Vittitoe | Photos by Kylene White | Styled by Melissa Gagliardi | Hair by Karen Stout and Laura Likins for Joseph's Salon and Spa | Makeup by Sloan Winters for Circe Beauty Bar Society’s idea of what a princess is and can be has changed over the years. While girls still may dream about being princesses, they often begin to wonder whether princesses are commended only for their beauty and poise and not their intelligence or activism. [...]

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Starting Over

Kimberly Moore, CEO of Joshua Community Connectors, helps people improve their lives. Adjusting to the unexpected occurrences in life can be daunting, but don’t let it overwhelm you – you can get through it. By Tonilyn Hornung People start over for many reasons. Maybe you’ve decided on a new career and you’re headed back to school. Perhaps your now adult child has moved out on their own and your nest is empty. Then there are the instances where life unexpectedly thrusts this process upon us. Whatever way a transition enters your world, it [...]

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