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2022 Miss Black Kentucky USA

Ariel Thompson being crowned Miss Black Kentucky USA. Ariel will represent Kentucky in the Miss Black USA competition. The Miss Black Kentucky USA pageant made its return last month after more than a decade-long hiatus. Written by Diane R. Paylor | Photos by Terrence Humphrey Executive Produced by Dr. Ashley Anderson, 15 women brought beauty, intelligence and elegance to the Memorial Auditorium stage and competed for scholarship money for their educational endeavors. The winners were selected from three age divisions – Nia Franklin (Teen), and Ariel Thompson (Miss), Dominique Joy Thompson (Ms). All [...]

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Daring to Live Differently: 3 Independent Women in the Disability Community

“So many people can’t believe how long I’ve been out on my own; they told me at the nursing home (that) I’d ‘never survive’ on my own.” — Jackie K. The 36 million American women who are part of the disability community face daily challenges in a world that’s not designed to meet their needs. Here, the stories of three who overcame obstacles to live independently and happily on their own terms. Written by Gioia Patton | Photos by Mary Helen Nunn In her apartment, you might find Jackie K. listening to audiobooks or [...]

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A New Chapter Begins

Dr. Ashley Anderson Wants to Uplift Women and Girls with the Miss Black Kentucky USA Scholarship Pageant. Written by Dr. Ashley Anderson | Photo by Kylene White About a month after I filed for divorce, I found myself standing in the mirror staring at someone I didn’t recognize. My eyes looked tired. My skin looked dull. It was like the entire situation had begun to suck the vibrancy from my soul. I was disgusted — not because the marriage was ending but because I’d sacrificed myself. I’d spent so much time and energy trying to [...]

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Modern Family: Can Violent Media Change Your Child?

Steps you can take toward protecting their mental health. By Jean West | Photo by Kylene White A child watches a movie. The movie shows an adult kicking and punching an inflatable doll and saying the words, “Kick it, punch it.” The child watching the movie would see one of two endings: either the adult would be admonished for attacking the doll or receive a cookie or piece of cake. The children who watched the movie were split into two groups and placed in a room with an unsolvable puzzle and inflatable doll. The group [...]

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We See You Sis Giveaway!

A Day of Luxury Polo Tailgating with TW Written by Christine Fellingham | Photographed by Kylene White You don’t have to know the first thing about the rules of polo to enjoy the experience of being a spectator at a match. The setting is beautiful, the horses are majestic, and the fashion-watching is wildly entertaining. Throw in the elevated tailgating menu and you have the makings of an unforgettable day. Which is why Today’s Woman is asking you to nominate one deserving woman to join us in our beautifully-decorated tailgating tents at the Makers House [...]

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