Keeping It Smart with Geek-Chic Style

By Miranda PoppWalking around the office clad in a lab coat and safety glasses are requirements, but Jennifer Chu is no ordinary chemist. She stands out not only in the office with her style, but anywhere she goes in what she defines as “geek-chic” fashion.Her everyday style is as timeless as what comes to mind when one thinks of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Whether it’s a vintage J.Crew button-up shirt or monogrammed cardigan, a Lacoste dress from her high school days, or a modern look with simple, clean lines in a piece from Jenna Lyons, Jennifer [...]

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Her Comfortable, Confident Style

By Miranda PoppShe’s a familiar face at events all over town, from games at any University of Louisville venue to racing events at Churchill Downs. Madison Hardy has worked her way up the corporate ladder of the public relations and event production world and has taken her fun sense of fashion with her. Madison describes her style as non-specific, in that people never know what to expect to see her wear. She likes that, but she also makes sure that whatever she has on, it’s comfortable and something of which her grandparents would approve. “Being [...]

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Making “Mom Jeans” a Good Thing

By Miranda PoppWhether you’re scrolling through your social media newsfeed or running around town, you’re likely to see someone in an outfit that Britney Renbarger has pulled together. She’s taking the internet by storm with her curated fashion collection as she’s dressing moms across our city and the nation. Her personal style as a wife and busy mom of two daughters, Kenlea, 7, and Karsyn, 15 months, can be defined as classy with a little edge, yet conservative. “I like clothes that are comfortable and still stylish, basically clothes that don’t scream, ‘I’m a mom.’” [...]

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What We Love About Chelsea Thomas’ Style

By Miranda PoppWith a voice that’s recognizable for the energy it exudes, Chelsea Thomas is quickly becoming a beloved personality on the airwaves of 99.7 WDJX. As you can see, that bubbly energy is part of her whole look and can be seen in her personal style.On most days, Chelsea’s standard go-to is a pair of white Converse, Vans, or Keds shoes, a bright pink shirt, and a flowy skirt. Her chosen profession allows creativity in her wardrobe. However, she says, “It’s tough when you get up at 4:30 in the morning.” For this reason, [...]

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What We Love About Brandi Leslie’s Fitness Style

By Miranda Popp She exudes true joy and happiness that is contagious. With a love of fitness and her desire to apply life lessons she’s learned from her mentor, Brandi Leslie is pursuing her passion for empowering women through fitness as a Pure Barre teacher and through her personal style as an on-the-go mom.“I want to empower my friends,” Brandi says. This sentiment stems from her lifelong mentor, Annie Locke, a renowned fitness instructor in Louisville. Brandi attributes so much of who she is as a person to Annie. She taught her how to make [...]

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What We Love About Rachelle Starr’s Mission

By Miranda PoppIt’s about more than the renowned pastries, but rather about the mission behind it. Her Drive: Rachelle Starr, founder and executive director of Scarlet Hope and Scarlet’s Bakery, learned how to bake from her mother and has been making wedding cakes for more than a decade. In 2007, however, this mission-minded Louisville gal felt the call to aid exploited women. Through Scarlet’s Hope, her non-profit organization, she helps women locally and around the nation transition from working in the adult entertainment industry to a second chance at a new life by offering them [...]

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