By Miranda Popp

It’s about more than the renowned pastries, but rather about the mission behind it.

Her Drive: Rachelle Starr, founder and executive director of Scarlet Hope and Scarlet’s Bakery, learned how to bake from her mother and has been making wedding cakes for more than a decade. In 2007, however, this mission-minded Louisville gal felt the call to aid exploited women. Through Scarlet’s Hope, her non-profit organization, she helps women locally and around the nation transition from working in the adult entertainment industry to a second chance at a new life by offering them transitional-living, career counseling, housing, mentoring, transportation, drug rehabilitation, and at times a job in her bakery.

Through her nonprofit organization, Rachel is helping women in the adult
 entertainment industry change their way of life.

Her Style: “It’s about the design for me. I don’t necessarily care about the brand.”

Rachelle stays ready for anything by keeping a nice pair of flats, a pair of sneakers, and yogawear in her car because she frequently has to transition back and forth from washing dishes or working behind the counter at the bakery to meeting with donors or speaking to a crowd of people at an event. To keep her locks looking fresh, you will find her at DryBar or Nova Salon.

Her Mantra: “You can’t really give from empty.” Rachelle is a self-proclaimed “all-in” girl and gives 100 percent to whatever she’s doing. For this reason, she takes breaks from work each quarter to refocus and take care of herself so that she can be a better leader and do more to support the mission of her business. Rachelle is steadfast in turning off work at 5pm every day, as well, in order to create this healthy balance.