How She Uses her Power to Positively Impact People

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Carley Randall’s Top Five Beauty Products

By Miranda PoppAt 12 years old, her mom told her that if she wanted to wear her hair a certain way, then she would have to learn how to do it herself. This put Carley Randall on the path down Style Lane and has led to her success as a bridal concierge. Styling hair was always something Carley loved and did well. During her early 20s, friends would ask her to do their hair on their wedding days. This made choosing to attend cosmetology school a no-brainer for Carley. She attended Empire Beauty School on [...]

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What We Love About Her Hair

By Miranda Popp Long locks of pure gold instantly catch the eye of anyone who sees this local nursing student. Without the need for highlights or color, Alexis Hulsey was born with beautiful blonde hair, but attributes her healthy mane to the use of a handful of Aveda products. And since she was old enough to get haircuts, she has made quarterly visits to Jacquelyn Stack at Z Salon & Spa for trims. Alexis washes her hair daily with Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo that mutes brassy tones and finishes with Aveda Remedy Conditioner. She blow [...]

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What We Love About Her Lashes

By Miranda Popp Micaela Skura hated taking off mascara and the time it took to put it on again every day. One spring, she found herself looking toward a full Derby and wedding season, and to her it made sense to get lash extensions rather than pay for a makeup artist. Lash extensions from Skye Lash Lounge have been Micaela’s best kept beauty secret for nearly three and a half years now. “Not having to put on mascara in the morning cuts my morning prep time in half.” Micaela Skura works in public relations and [...]

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What We Love About Her Nails

By Miranda Popp When a beauty professional gives her expert opinion about a new product, you listen. Lauren Browne, general manager of Skye Lash Lounge, went to school at Paul Mitchell and learned the skills of the cosmetology industry. She did her own nails for years and was a huge fan of the gel manicure when it first came out about five years ago. “They were my favorite accessory.” However, while working in the salon world and having wet hands from doing hair, she found that her gel polish simply wasn’t holding up. That’s when [...]

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What We Love About Her Red Hair

“Now that I’m a mom, it’s so different.” Carrie Ann Smith, owner of MADE Blowdry Boutique on Lime Kiln Lane, thought that when she found out she was going to be a mom, no one would see her as a business owner, but rather as a mom only. However, like many new moms, she found she was welcomed into a wonderful club she never thought she’d be a part of. Major life events such as becoming a mom can certainly change one’s daily style preference. Comfort became more important for this local “mompreneur.” Her style [...]

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