What We Love About Her {Mom} Style

By Miranda PoppShe delivers the evening news with sophistication and style via the air waves of NBC affiliate, Wave 3. What you don’t see is that this Louisville mom of 8-year-old twin boys, Colt and Cade, and wife of Kendall Cogan, has mastered delivering the perfect look when she’s off the air, as well. A look we’re calling “mom” style. Shannon Cogan says that her kids know she has these two different looks — “TV mom” and “home mom.” Her Style:“Be comfortable, but still be you.” Shannon’s favorite ensemble has a chic, everyday feel and [...]

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What We Love About Her Style

By Miranda PoppThis local entrepreneur and army veteran is unabashedly frank about where she came from, what she’s doing, and where she’s going. RaeShanda Johnson, founder and CEO of All is Fair in Love and Fashion, has been handing out style advice since she was a young girl. “I’ve always been overdressed and a little extra.”“Size and fit are important,” RaeShanda says, “but personality will let me know how to style you. Focus on what you have and what makes you confident, rather than what you’d like for yourself to be.” She says to think [...]

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What We Love About Her Skin, Head to Toe

By Miranda PoppYou saw this beauty being twirled around the dance floor for charity at Louisville’s Dancing With the Stars, her skin glowing from head to toe. We caught up with her to find out exactly what she’s doing to get that natural glow.Although this Louisville gal has a Puerto Rican heritage, you won’t catch her soaking up the rays on the beach. Instead, you’ll see Carolina MacKinlay with a scarf around her shoulders, floppy hat on her head, and lathered in SPF 100 because she’s allergic to the sun.Years of staying out of the [...]

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What We Love About Gretchen Bell’s Skin

By Miranda PoppYou’ve seen her around town, maybe it was at a coffee shop (probably Please & Thank You) or at an event. Gretchen Bell is not a woman you’d overlook. With her picture perfect face and porcelain smooth skin, we knew we wanted to get tips on how we could get her look. Her Style: “At this age, it’s less about the makeup and more about skincare.” This freelance photographer and busy mom of two boys, ages 3 and 5, knows what she’s talking about. With a quick, yet effective, daily skincare routine, she achieves [...]

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What We Love About Her Hair (and her spirit!)

By Miranda PoppYou know her as Tropikana, the on-air radio personality weekday afternoons on B96.5 FM. In her words, she’s “Cleveland made, but Louisville built,” and we love hearing that. Having been in Louisville for a little more than a year, she’s made a home for herself and her baby boy and also has left a huge impression on our community.Whether she’s on the mic in the studio or running around town with her son, she sports the most beautiful hairstyles. “Your hair is your personal accessory,” she says. “Be versatile, daring, and confident with [...]

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