By Miranda Popp

This local entrepreneur and army veteran is unabashedly frank about where she came from, what she’s doing, and where she’s going. RaeShanda Johnson, founder and CEO of All is Fair in Love and Fashion, has been handing out style advice since she was a young girl. “I’ve always been overdressed and a little extra.”

“Size and fit are important,” RaeShanda says, “but personality will let me know how to style you. Focus on what you have and what makes you confident, rather than what you’d like for yourself to be.” She says to think about yourself as a walking advertisement for what you want to represent.

RaeShanda gives clients tips on how to create their own distinctive style. Photos by Miranda Popp

On dress down days, RaeShanda suggests that you have with you an accessory that pops, like a purse or a special piece of jewelry. It’s never really about the outfit. It’s about you and how you’re standing out from the crowd.

Style Tips for the Track:
In your purse, stash a pair of blinged-out flats to complement your outfit (NOT flip-flops), in case your feet hurt (and they will). Take what you need and not what you think you need.

Thurby: Try a jumper. It goes well with wedges or flats and has a relaxed feel.
Oaks: Girly, girly, girl. It’s all about flowers, pinks, and springtime patterns.
Derby: Go big or go home. Leave all your reservations behind. Wear a knee-length or above dress, and let your accessories speak. Most importantly, let the weather dictate your fashion and dress accordingly. Of course, a fascinator or hat should accompany your ensemble to both Oaks and Derby.

*RaeShanda’s top piece of fashion advice, and she giggles as she says it, is to stay away from kitten heels if you are shorter than 5-foot-11 inches and under 40.

Will you be attending Oaks or Derby? What will you be wearing and where will you shop for your Derby hat?