By Miranda Popp

You saw this beauty being twirled around the dance floor for charity at Louisville’s Dancing With the Stars, her skin glowing from head to toe. We caught up with her to find out exactly what she’s doing to get that natural glow.

Although this Louisville gal has a Puerto Rican heritage, you won’t catch her soaking up the rays on the beach. Instead, you’ll see Carolina MacKinlay with a scarf around her shoulders, floppy hat on her head, and lathered in SPF 100 because she’s allergic to the sun.

Years of staying out of the sun has given Carolina beautiful skin. Carolina, who is also a Clique Boutique manager, has a skincare routine from which we could all take a few notes.

Carolina goes to Blue Dog Bakery, one of her favorite places, for lunch. 

She uses Aveda Shampure as a daily body cleanser. For her face, she uses a glycolic gel cleanser three times a week, with any non-glycolic gel cleanser on the opposite days. For the last 10 years, she’s been using Lustra Cream for hyperpigmentation each night during the winter and three nights a week during the summer.

Wearing lipstick is a necessity for Carolina. She believes that even on a bare face,
it can make a woman look polished instantly.

One of her best secrets is mixing Bio Oil ($11 at Target) with body lotion daily as a moisturizer and mixing a weekly solution of five to 10 drops of it with a salt scrub to exfoliate her skin.

She enjoys trying new products and experimenting with new techniques. “The beauty industry is always changing,” she says.

Carolina and her husband Ken. 

Carolina is a big fan of microneedling. She completes this skin treatment one or two times a month at home with a roller she ordered from SkinMedix. For this method, she says to cleanse your face, pat dry, disinfect the needle roller with alcohol, then gently roll one pass back and forth, all vertical motions first and then all horizontal motions. Do this on the cheeks, forehead, sides of nose, and chin. Afterwards, rinse your face with cold water for one minute, apply any Vitamin C serum, and finish with Lustra Cream where there’s hyperpigmentation.

Depending on the time of year, Carolina will custom-blend her tanning color from a glow in the winter to a
medium sun-kissed color for a night out. 

One of the newest products that has become her favorite is Tan-Luxe, an at-home tanning oil. She uses six to ten drops per leg or arm, mixed with any body lotion, applies it in the morning, and enjoys a tan that is set by the evening.

Carolina believes in being proactive when it comes to skincare. She gets two chemical peels in the winter and two microdermabrasion treatments in the summer.

What is your skincare regimen? Do you change your skincare products each season?