By Miranda Popp

Long locks of pure gold instantly catch the eye of anyone who sees this local nursing student. Without the need for highlights or color, Alexis Hulsey was born with beautiful blonde hair, but attributes her healthy mane to the use of a handful of Aveda products. And since she was old enough to get haircuts, she has made quarterly visits to Jacquelyn Stack at Z Salon & Spa for trims.

Alexis washes her hair daily with Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo that mutes brassy tones and finishes with Aveda Remedy Conditioner. She blow dries her hair about five days a week while brushing with a detangling brush, but before blow drying, she uses Brilliant Damage Control all over, Thickening Tonic at the roots, and Phomollient and Volumizing Tonic for weightless volume. She finishes her low-maintenance style with Air Control for a light, everyday hold.

Although she loves the long hairstyle she’s been sporting since fourth grade, this full-time freshman, majoring in nursing at Bellarmine University, admittedly wears a ponytail on a regular basis. However, she keeps her hair damage free and free of creases by wearing a ribbon hair tie rather than an elastic band. She adds a spritz of Light Elements for extra shine.