By Miranda Popp

Micaela Skura hated taking off mascara and the time it took to put it on again every day. One spring, she found herself looking toward a full Derby and wedding season, and to her it made sense to get lash extensions rather than pay for a makeup artist.

Lash extensions from Skye Lash Lounge have been Micaela’s best kept beauty secret for nearly three and a half years now. “Not having to put on mascara in the morning cuts my morning prep time in half.”

Micaela Skura works in public relations and philanthrophy with Delta Dental and is owner of Armourflo Flooring.

However, it’s a love/hate relationship that Micaela has with getting lash extensions because as a busy “mompreneur,” it’s hard to turn everything off for that hour during the process of getting them applied. “You have to tune out everything during the application. Even though one might be inclined to continue to check text messages and emails, you can’t. It’s almost like meditation, like a spa session.”

Time commitment First session is two and a half hours; one hour each session afterward for fill-ins.
Frequency once every three to four weeks
Cost $55-$75 for monthly maintenance

What is one beauty product you use that cuts down on your prep time in the morning?