By Miranda Popp

Walking around the office clad in a lab coat and safety glasses are requirements, but Jennifer Chu is no ordinary chemist. She stands out not only in the office with her style, but anywhere she goes in what she defines as “geek-chic” fashion.

Her everyday style is as timeless as what comes to mind when one thinks of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Whether it’s a vintage J.Crew button-up shirt or monogrammed cardigan, a Lacoste dress from her high school days, or a modern look with simple, clean lines in a piece from Jenna Lyons, Jennifer takes these classic ensembles and spins them into her personal style. That style combines her love of all things equestrian with longstanding influences from the traditions of her Asian-American heritage — her mother grew up in San Francisco and her father is from Hong Kong.

Jennifer never wears denim because “it’s just not me,” and she often wears a statement pair of eyeglasses with her work outfits, her go-to eyeglass brands being Chanel, Burberry, Versace, and Prada.

Appreciative of bold statements and hues, Jennifer says that she “needs a ‘pop’ in every outfit,” and that can be created simply with a vibrant color (her favorite is Kelly green) or a print/pattern juxtaposed with a neutral, or even a colorful pump or statement piece of jewelry.

As a chemist who deals in precious oils and fragrances every day, she takes to heart the sentimental (pun intended) value of having a signature scent. For her, it’s Chance by Chanel, a perfume she’s been wearing since she was 20 years old. Jennifer exclaims, “Everybody needs their signature scent and their go-to!”

What is one piece of clothing, accessory or fragrance you would love to have?