By Miranda Popp

She’s a familiar face at events all over town, from games at any University of Louisville venue to racing events at Churchill Downs. Madison Hardy has worked her way up the corporate ladder of the public relations and event production world and has taken her fun sense of fashion with her.

Madison describes her style as non-specific, in that people never know what to expect to see her wear. She likes that, but she also makes sure that whatever she has on, it’s comfortable and something of which her grandparents would approve. “Being comfortable helps one exude confidence, and that’s the key to life,” she says. Madison’s older sister, Erica Wood, taught her beautiful life lessons on style as they were growing up. “Girls are naturally pretty, and we forget that.” With that in mind, Madison chooses a simple hair style and natural makeup daily.

As the ACE (that’s her title) with BoxcarPR and the director of special events with the J Wagner Group, Madison’s schedule is full on a daily basis, and her style reflects that. On any given day, she often chooses a dress or pairs a three-quarter sleeve dress shirt with a pair of pants and a pair of Chucks or a low heel. She jokes that one would never find her in a pair of stilettos.

Her go-to place to shop is Darling State of Mind, owned by a longtime friend and classmate from her high school days at Mercy Academy. Still filled with much love for her alma mater, Madison is often inclined to choose a jaguar print or piece of jewelry when she comes across it.

Her greatest tip, and one she hopes others take to heart, is the importance of confidence no matter your personal or professional style. “Be confident in yourself, and don’t be afraid to love what you do.”

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