By Miranda Popp

She exudes true joy and happiness that is contagious. With a love of fitness and her desire to apply life lessons she’s learned from her mentor, Brandi Leslie is pursuing her passion for empowering women through fitness as a Pure Barre teacher and through her personal style as an on-the-go mom.

“I want to empower my friends,” Brandi says. This sentiment stems from her lifelong mentor, Annie Locke, a renowned fitness instructor in Louisville. Brandi attributes so much of who she is as a person to Annie. She taught her how to make everyone feel loved, whether that’s someone she’s teaching in class or a family member or friend.

Brandi calls herself a healthy girl with a healthy body. “You should feel good in what you’re wearing. There’s no certain way anyone should feel they need to look.” Although she proclaims that she’s not a girly-girl, you’ll always find her with bangles on her wrists (even while working out) and a sentimental Cale and Cole necklace that represents being centered within oneself.

Her Style: “I stay in my own lane.” She defines it as Fitness/City because women are on the go all over town. They don’t have time to change clothes as they go from one activity to the next. It’s about making what you start out wearing in the morning work for you all day by adding a few pieces.

With a few minor tweaks, Brandi can turn fitness attire into a stylish outfit that is practical for any situation. 

We’re going to follow her lead as she transitions from Pure Barre, to carpool, to dinner with the family with a few simple tips:

  • Black leggings (High Waisted Ripped Warrior Leggings from Alo are her favorite) — Can’t go wrong with black leggings. They’re her athleisure staple, and a whole new look transforms when you put them with platform shoes or a pair of Sperry’s after a workout.
  • Jacket (Drip Drop Jacket from Athleta) — A jacket, cardigan, or wrap pulls any outfit together into a more polished look.
  • Hair in a bun — It’s an easy style that looks chic all day.