By Miranda Popp

Whether you’re scrolling through your social media newsfeed or running around town, you’re likely to see someone in an outfit that Britney Renbarger has pulled together. She’s taking the internet by storm with her curated fashion collection as she’s dressing moms across our city and the nation.

Her personal style as a wife and busy mom of two daughters, Kenlea, 7, and Karsyn, 15 months, can be defined as classy with a little edge, yet conservative. “I like clothes that are comfortable and still stylish, basically clothes that don’t scream, ‘I’m a mom.’”

Britney is making it simple for moms to look stylish with the creation of her clothing line. 

Britney found herself being frequently asked by friends about her wardrobe selection and where she purchased her clothes, so after her younger daughter was born, she made the decision to stay at home with her children and start her own business, Pink Tag Boutique, an online clothing boutique that showcases not only her personal style favorites, which she admittedly says are mostly black, but styles of all types from brands that moms know and trust.

When choosing an outfit, Britney says that she starts with her shoes and goes from there. For any look to have an instant upgrade, she says to add a pair of heels and lipstick. For her, it’s her signature red lips and black heels.