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Dinner for 2

Four charming places you and your love can go for great food and an unforgettable night. By Lennie Omalza  |  Photos by Kylene White and Heather Florance Whether you’re looking for a first-date spot or a place to celebrate a milestone anniversary, we’ve got you covered. Louisville has a plethora of restaurants to choose from, and here are a few of our faves. Amazing ambiance, exquisite entrees, decadent desserts, and chic cocktails will help ignite a new spark or keep your current romantic vibes flowing. Top off your meal with the Black Manhattan cocktail at [...]

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Backstage Pass — Top Shows Not to Miss in January!

  By Gioia Patton/Arts Insider   The Red Velvet Cake Wars Written by the team that brought Derby Dinner Playhouse audiences The Dixie Swim Club and Dearly Beloved, this Southern-fried comedy features the three Verdeen cousins: Gaynelle, Peaches, and Jimmie Wyvette. After having “accidentally” crashed her minivan through her husband’s girlfriend’s doublewide, Gaynelle is one frazzled nerve away from a spectacular meltdown. Not much better are Peaches, the number one mortuary cosmetologist in the tri-county area, and Jimmie Wyvette, who's desperately trying to outmaneuver a priss-pot neighbor for the affections of Sweetgum’s newest widower. When [...]

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Wearing Your Story on Your Sleeve: Sopenny Chan

Sopenny Chan carries her family’s historical, horrific struggle on her back. Artist: Eric “Truth” Jefferson; Truth’s Tattoos; Time invested: 36+ hours involving a cover-up of a previous tattoo sittings. The Mark of Fortitude — Sopenny Chan Like many immigrants who fled Cambodia during the late 1970’s Khmer Rouge genocide, Sopenny Chan’s parents left behind everything they knew and loved in order to survive. The Khmer Rouge regime was responsible for mass famine and murder of its people resulting in the executions of an estimated 1.5-2 million people — around 25% of the country’s [...]

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Wearing Your Story on Your Sleeve: Aliyah Gray

Part of Aliyah’s tattoo also includes a dreamcatcher inspired by her sister’s love for them. “She had a five-layered dreamcatcher she slept under every night.” Artist: Lamar, Ink by Unk; time invested: 2 hours (for the first part of her tattoo). Turning Grief into Peace Aliyah Gray has found healing through paying homage to her sister Alexus who – along with her boyfriend Isaiah – died in a car accident in July of 2017. She was 16 years old. Shortly after Alexus’ death, Aliyah decided to get a tattoo sleeve reflective of her [...]

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Thoughts on Gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day

  “One of the most amazing phenomena performed by human nature occurs in the wake of forgiveness. After genuine forgiveness takes place, the void becomes a magnet for many valuable qualities. Notably, this void tends to attract serenity, gratitude, self-respect and kindness.” — Bob Mueller, Bishop of the United Catholic Church Happy Thanksgiving from Today’s Woman

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Wearing Your Story on Your Sleeve: Mindi Wetzel

Mindi adorned her shoulder in memory of her late husband. Artist: Sharon Lynn; time invested: 8+ hours; two sittings. Giving Life to What Was Lost For many years, before the discovery of the well-preserved and perfectly-tattooed “Iceman,” ancient female Egyptians were believed to display our origins of body art. Excavated tombs that date back to 2000 B.C. were found full of female remains, from notorious and royal strata, covered in tattoos along their abdomens and the tops of their thighs. Tiny black dots were found atop mummified stomachs, stomachs that expanded with pregnancy [...]

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