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Thoughts on Gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day

  “One of the most amazing phenomena performed by human nature occurs in the wake of forgiveness. After genuine forgiveness takes place, the void becomes a magnet for many valuable qualities. Notably, this void tends to attract serenity, gratitude, self-respect and kindness.” — Bob Mueller, Bishop of the United Catholic Church Happy Thanksgiving from Today’s Woman

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Wearing Your Story on Your Sleeve: Mindi Wetzel

Mindi adorned her shoulder in memory of her late husband. Artist: Sharon Lynn; time invested: 8+ hours; two sittings. Giving Life to What Was Lost For many years, before the discovery of the well-preserved and perfectly-tattooed “Iceman,” ancient female Egyptians were believed to display our origins of body art. Excavated tombs that date back to 2000 B.C. were found full of female remains, from notorious and royal strata, covered in tattoos along their abdomens and the tops of their thighs. Tiny black dots were found atop mummified stomachs, stomachs that expanded with pregnancy [...]

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The Gratitude Project — Letters to Those We Appreciate

Who are you grateful for? Take time to give thanks to the people who’ve brightened your life. You can find some inspiration from these four women whose letters of gratitude will move you into action. Laura Shine, Assistant Program Director/Afternoon Host/Producer of Live Lunch, WFPK. Laura’s gratitude letter to her wife Teresa Willis. Dear Teresa, I’m grateful for you every single day – and I have been for 10 years. You have helped me and my family many times and with loving care. I can’t begin to thank you enough. You helped care [...]

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Party Like It’s 2022!

Jennifer is wearing: Misa dress, $350, at Rodeo Drive; INC earrings, $23, at Macy’s Oxmoor; shoes, Jennifer’s own. “I’m all about a good party dress! I’m ready for frills, pretty color and bringing fun back!” — Jennifer Hoffman, ESPN Reporter Styled by Christine Fellingham Hair by Mikhail Shulz and makeup by Mariah Lebre-Sanchez for J Michael’s Spa & Salon Shot on location at The Southern Living Idea House by Artisan Builders. How will you be ringing in the New Year? We asked four stylish local women to dress for their versions of New [...]

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A Different Kind of Thanksgiving Feast — Nikkia Rhodes

Chef Nikkia Rhodes. Professional Chef Nikkia says she is “voluntold” that she has to do something as part of the Thanksgiving food preparation for her family, even if it isn’t the main entree. “I really like making desserts with my nieces and nephews.” Chef Nikkia Rhodes spent her childhood watching her mother, Dawn, cook on Thanksgiving as part of her job at the Volunteers of America family shelter. “I grew up spending my holidays at the shelter helping her feed other people,” Nikkia says. “We would have our holidays the day after or [...]

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A Different Kind of Thanksgiving Feast — Corey Milliman

Corey Milliman, owner of CC’s Low-Carb Kitchen, located at 800 S. 4th St., holds a board of Maple Goat Cheese Crostini, an option to add to your traditional Thanksgiving meal. The end of November is a busy time for families, including Corey Milliman’s, owner of CC’s Low-Carb Kitchen, which is one of the reasons he gives his staff off on this holiday. “One side of my family celebrates [Thanksgiving] the weekend before; the other on Thanksgiving. Finally, we usually have a small Friendsgiving after the family holidays,” he says. Each of these celebrations [...]

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