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Escapist Dining

It’s a post pandemic foodie phenomenon: escapist restaurants with transportive menus. Grabbing a meal or a drink at any one of these three experiential newcomers is like taking a mini vacation. Written By Christine Fellingham | Photographed by Kylene White Top: Papardalle with figs, shallots and Tuscan kale. Bottom: the Bitcoin Miner's Daughter. Watch Hill Proper 11201 River Beauty Loop, Prospect, KY (502) 230-1982 With its gorgeous paneled library, towering wall of bourbon and whiskey and sumptuous leather and velvet club chairs, you feel transported to a bourbon magnate’s private estate from the [...]

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Two Women to Watch in our Foodie Scene

610 Magnolia sous chef Breanna Baker was accepted into the Lee Initiative program in 2020 and was mentored by Top Chef winner Brooke Williamson. While the word “chef” may be genderless, the archetype is unquestionably male. Fortunately, our local restaurant scene is becoming an exception — thanks to the tireless work of talented women and, in part, to the opportunity provided by the Lee Initiative's Women Culinary and Spirits program. Here are two recent Initiative grads and rising stars who are adding a new flavor to our foodie culture. Written By Christine Fellingham [...]

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Deep Waters

William Kolb and Amy Benton and the co-founders of Central Adult Learn-to-Swim, Inc. Does the idea of taking swim lessons make your palms drip with sweat? William Kolb and Amy Benton, the co-founders of Central Adult Learn-to-Swim, Inc. are ready to calm your fears and debunk the misperceptions.  Written By Tiffany White | Photographed by Kylene White I thought swimming would be the death of me — literally.   As a child, I struggled with getting into a pool without wincing from anxiety, but my cousin Marlana couldn’t wait to take a dive. I marveled at [...]

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It’s Never Too Late To Travel

A view of Douro River Valley from Quinta do Seixo (Sandeman), Douro, Portugal. The commitments of work and family can make it challenging for us to grab a few moments of free time, but we don’t have to doom ourselves to a one-dimensional, mundane life. Our photographer, Kylene White ignored the common belief that traveling is only for the childless twentysomethings when she and her girlfriends — with a baby in tow — traveled to Portugal. By Brandi Travis | Photos by Kylene White When I was asked to go on a trip to [...]

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Against All Odds

Despite facing persistent challenges, some Latino immigrants are relocating to the United States to work on the backside in hopes of creating a better life for their families. Making the transition isn’t easy, but their perseverance is what keeps them going. Written By Sarah Kelley | Photos by Kylene White The stands at Churchill Downs are empty on this cold, crisp April morning, but the backside of the iconic racetrack is bustling. A steady stream of exercise riders atop majestic thoroughbreds enter and exit the dirt track, taking turns running horses 30 minutes at a [...]

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